Why your hospital needs to be using SMS

Here are 3 ways SMS reminders can improve your hospital management and productivity

Healthcare providers are working in a fast-paced industry where there are only 24 hours in a day to manage patients, process billing and undertake other administrative duties. Hospitals really see the benefits of using SMS for reminders to efficiently manage appointments, improve workflows, eliminating manual processes and even reduce delays

Don’t waste your time or your patient’s time. Studies show that over 60% of phone calls are either ignored or sent to voicemail. However, 90% of SMS messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery.

Free Up Resources

Using SMS reduces the number of resources wasted on manually phoning or emailing each and every patient prior to their appointment or surgery. This frees up your team’s time by automating communications such as appointment reminders. You can then use the budget and time you would have originally spent on following up appointments in areas that really need attention.

Better Communication

Patient expectations are changing and hospitals are expected to adapt to their needs. In the competitive healthcare industry patient loyalty is no longer guaranteed. Following up and communicating with patients builds stronger relationships. SMS not only improves the communication between hospitals and patients but also keeps the patients up to date with the information they need to better prepare for their appointment.

Improves timeliness

SMS reminders can improve the timeliness of patient arrivals. By providing clients with all the details of their appointment in the palm of their hand, the possibility of being late or lost can be reduced and can avoid disruption in hospital operations. Patients are busy and sometimes don’t remember what the location of their appointments is. The easier you can make it for them to get to the appointment, the more smoothly your hospital will run.

SMS has become one of the best-used forms of communication in all aspects of life, and it makes sense to use it as a way to communicate with your patients. Implementing SMS in your hospital can help improve patient satisfaction, reduce the time spent on in-efficient tasks and reduce overall business costs.


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