Unlocking the Real Value of Clinical Data

Why capturing quality clinical data is the fuel for business innovation in the modern-day health revolution.

The world is already 20 years into the cycle of digital transformation. Yet, many healthcare organisations remain stuck in the past due to old and fragmented information architectures that fail to produce the data-driven results seen as standard in other industries. 

As clinical data becomes the currency of modern-day healthcare, State and Federal Governments are beginning to award more significant funding opportunities to organisations that better manage and report their clinical data. 

The Modern-Day Health Problem 

The typical modern-day health provider maintains multiple applications to support the delivery of their diverse range of health services. These can include general practice, allied health, pathology, radiology, hospital, and community health software’s that all invite unwanted system-wide data errors and omissions. 

Although this has historically been a side effect of delivering patient care, it is a problem that impacts all healthcare stakeholders at your organisation, from providers to the most important stakeholders, your clients.  

By gaining greater insights into the type of clients you deal with every day, the range of services they demand, and the degrees of improvement they make during their episodes of care, you can understand the critical areas of improvement and success within your organisation. 

Additionally, illiquid and stagnant data capture and storage capabilities all tie into your organisation’s underlying ability to report to a range of Government-funded programs. Further impacting your access to vital funding that can help scale your services and improve the delivery of health to your customers. 

Leveraging a Strong Data Capture System 

Isolated patient management systems have left the door open for connected health software such as MasterCare EMR. A client management system that connects patient information from multiple sources to provide a unique solution to answer the demand for improved patient data management. 

MasterCare EMR has data capture functionality built into its core client and practice management workflows, meaning data captured is stored automatically within a patient’s digital health record inside the software’s data warehouse. 

However, having a system that accurately captures and stores your data only fixes half the problem. The next step is unlocking the key internal and external reporting features that can realise the true value of your clinical data. 

Unlocking the Real Value of Your Patient Data 

MasterCare EMR software provides two key benefits when managing patient data: 

1. Greater Access to Government Funding

MasterCare uniquely provides support for more State and Federal Government minimum-datasets and programs than any other product on the Australian market.  

Whilst other clinical systems fail to adapt to the diverse and differing requirements of these programs. Global Health has designed MasterCare to withstand the changes and introductions of new reporting programs. 

The focus on reporting programs allows businesses to gain funding from a broader range of programs and access the financial benefits of their clinical data. 

2. A Platform for Driving Business Innovation

When MasterCare data is captured and stored within a data set, the patient-level records created by our users provide them with an organisation wide story of: 

  • Referral management 
  • Episodes of care and occasions of service delivery 
  • Client demographics and socioeconomic status 
  • Staff performance 
  • Client outcome measures 

Connecting this information provides a platform for business innovation. With customisable views and nightly data refreshing, executives and administrators can create key metrics and track their business performance. 

Available on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, MasterCare’s Dashboards-as-a-Service can take your data into the next generation of healthcare delivery. 


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