MasterCare Now Compatible with The Way back (TWB) MDS and Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP)

MasterCare EMR Is Now Compatible with The Way Back MDS and Active Ingredient Prescribing

As the Premier Solution for Victorian Community Health, the team at MasterCare are constantly making changes to improve the compatibility of the platform with new Government reporting processes and changes to client workflows.

As a result, MasterCare is now compatible with both The Way Back Minimum Data Set and new Active Ingredient Prescribing changes. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

The Way Back Minimum Data Set (TWB MDS)

Starting off as an initiative by Beyond Blue, “The Way back” program provides non-clinical, assertive outreach, follow-up care, and practical support to people in the three months following a suicidal crisis or attempt.

As an extension of the PMHC MDS, the program received an additional $37.6M in funding from the Federal Government in 2020, and will be made available to support health services during this three month period. Learn more here.

Changes to Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP)

To support pharmacies, and ensure consumers have continued access to PBS and RPBS subsidised medicines during the transition to Active Ingredient Prescribing, the Department has agreed to provide a six-month grace period.

Within this period, if a pharmacy receives a prescription that does not meet active ingredient prescribing requirements, they have been advised to contact the prescriber and request the prescription be re-issued in accordance with the requirements that came into effect on 1 February 2021.

MasterCare Compatibility with AIP and TWB 

As of February 1st, MasterCare EMR is capable of supporting not only the changes to Active Ingredient Prescribing, but is also capable of supporting reporting to the PMHC MDS and The Way Back Minimum Data Set extension for all users on MasterCare EMR v7.9.3, builds 524 and above!

Are you looking to report TWB MDS data or make your business compatible with new AIP changes prior to July 31?

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