The Hidden Issue Behind the Australian Sporting Community

The Hidden Issue Behind the Australian Sporting Community

Despite group physical activity being the cause of many health related benefits, such as higher quality of life, improved physical health, and greater mental and social health outcomes, the risks of group activity are often overlooked.

Australian’s have always encouraged participation in local sporting clubs from a young age through to adulthood, mainly due to the positive health outcomes associated with participating in sport. But as the health benefits continue to be the main focus of the media, very little attention is paid by sporting clubs to the monitoring of the risks posed to their own players.

Recent studies have shown that in 2016/17, almost 60,000 people were hospitalised for sports injuries, with one in ten of these instances resulting in life-threatening injuries. By comparison, just over 60,000 people were hospitalised due to transport crashes over this same time period.

At MasterCare, we have recognised the importance of monitoring not only the health of individual sports players whilst they are participating, but throughout their adult lives. This lead to our partnership with Glen Eira Football and Netball Club, an increasingly health conscious community club located in Melbourne’s South East. The partnership will see the Lifecard personal health record app used in conjunction with MasterCare+ for Sports Management by trainers and players in the 2020 season. With an emphasis on helping trainers better diagnose, monitor and maintain player health throughout the seasons to come.

Of the 60,000 hospital related injuries in 2016/17, approximately 10.1% related to AFL injuries in men, whilst 13% of injuries for females were attributed to football and netball. The average ages for football and netball related injuries were 21 and 8 years of age respectively. Note that these statistics are for hospitalised health issues only, not inclusive of the minor physical injuries that could lead to longer term health problems.

Lifecard therefore provides the platform for these young adults to monitor their own health and keep tracking of new and recurring injuries. Whilst parents can use the app to tend to the health of their children’s Lifecard accounts in conjunction with their own.

By introducing the Lifecard and MasterCare+ integration to Glen Eira, it marks the beginning of a renewed approach to player health management for Victorian sporting clubs. With greater care capabilities for trainers, improved self-measurement techniques for players, and the ability to share health information with family members and other health professionals, MasterCare+ and Lifecard are providing a holistic approach to player health management that has yet to be seen in the industry.