Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about MasterCare EMR

EMR is an industry abbreviation for Electronic Medical Records.

Mhagic stands for – Mental Health Assessment Generation and Information Collection. The term was coined by ACT health, who are still using MasterCare Mhagic after over 15 years of evolution. Mhagic is a specific version of MasterCare EMR with features such as assessment wizards and risk assessments.

MasterCare EMR’s Practice Management Module allows for diary delegation as well as shared group calendars.

MasterCare EMR can be hosted on Global Health’s Altitude Cloud hosting service. Client data is stored in Australian data centres in compliance with the statutory requirements for storing electronic medical records.

Updates are typically done more regularly for our cloud-hosted clients, as we can do this remotely. However, anytime there is a new release of MasterCare EMR (usually every quarter) you can ask us to install the upgrade for you.

When MasterCare EMR is hosted in our cloud environment, EMR can be accessed on a Mac via a Window’s Remote Desktop.

Training is available for all new and existing users and is provided as a professional service by our team.

Complimentary webinars are held monthly for our existing clients. You can sign up for these in our monthly newsletters. If you are an existing client and would like to receive these newsletters, please contact us.

MasterCare EMR allows users to add a different provider number to each team a user is assigned to. Users working across multiple locations can set up a team for each location that can assign its own clients, workflows and assessments.

Over 50 of the most useful reports have been built for our clients over time and are available to anyone who purchases MasterCare EMR at no additional charge.

Our support team is available to produce any exceptional reports. These will be quoted if deemed complex enough to take over one hour to produce.

MasterCare EMR supports the embedding of PDF forms that can map the data collected back to client files. This feature can help to mitigate change management.

Pricing for MasterCare EMR varies based on the type and number of licenses you need. License prices will vary depending on the speciality of the practitioners and also if the software is being hosted on the cloud. Contact us to find out more.

APS Members enjoy a 10% discount on MasterCare EMR. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, MasterCare EMR integrates with ReferralNet. ReferralNet is also a Global Health solution. We can link your preferred email to the ReferralNet account, this is where notifications will be sent. You will receive a unique ReferralNet ID which is discoverable by people looking to send to you.

To fully understand the breadth of MasterCare EMR and Mhagic, we recommend you book a time to see a demonstration. Our demonstrations typically run for about one hour, giving you the opportunity to ask any remaining questions.

Our team can provide excel templates that can then be imported into MasterCare EMR. This saves manually entering the data directly into the software.

A quote for full data migration can be provided as part of the implementation proposal once the complexity and time required have been determined and agreed.

Questions about MasterCare+

The packages have different features included. You can add additional features not included in the base package at an extra price. To compare, click here.

MasterCare+ is a web-based solution. This means it is hosted on Global Health’s Altitude Cloud hosting service. Client data is stored in Australian data centres in compliance with the statutory requirements for storing electronic medical records.

Yes, MasterCare+ is web based. This means it can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone (Apple, Windows and Android).

Yes, MasterCare+ includes ReferralNet – it is embedded directly into the platform.

We can organise MasterCare+ demonstrations and trials on request. Please contact us to find out more.

When you first sign up for MasterCare+ you will receive an account activation link. For security reasons, this link is only valid for three days. Please contact us if you need your link to be resent.

MasterCare+ has several packages available for varying needs. MasterCare+ for Secure Messaging is a cost-effective way for practitioners who do not use a clinical system to start sending and receiving via Secure Message Delivery.