MasterCare EMR Support

This form should be used to highlight and detail business impact where there is:

  1. An expected or known issue with the application
  2. Where a change/enhancement is required to the application;

all to achieve desired functionality, output or result within the MasterCare EMR application.

Priority Grading definitions:

Level 1


System functionality which has high potential to have a financial impact, significantly affects State Extract reporting, service delivery to clients impacted, added stress on staff and requires overtime to catch up re normal operations.

Level 2


System functionality which has the potential to have a financial impact, some effect on State Extract reporting, client information flow restriction, small amount of extra stress on staff but able to catch up on backlog of work during normal working hours over period of days.

Level 3


System functionality which has minimal potential to have a financial impact, minimal effect on State Extract reporting, unable to enter client data in a timely fashion causing staff frustrations, able to catch up with backlog of work within 24hrs.

Support Hours

Monday to Friday | 0830 – 1700 | +61 3 9675 0600

Please use the Support Request form and a ticket will be automatically lodged.