Automate your reminders and confirmation processes

Reduce no-shows by sending appointment reminders

Enjoy live updates in your MasterCare EMR calendar based on client response

We can’t remember everything and neither can your patients
With 2-way SMS clients receive reminders which will ultimately help you reduce no-shows at your clinic

SMS MasterCare EMR
Send Reminders and Recalls to your clients’ phones

Send appointment, follow-up, results and management plan reminders.

Store responses

Easily see what responses you have received to messages.

Interactive updates

If a customer responds with yes or no, the status of the appointment is automatically updated to be confirmed or cancelled in your MasterCare EMR appointment book.

Want to try 2-Way SMS?

2-way SMS for MasterCare EMR is post-paid. Charges only apply for messages sent, and the cost per message depends on volume.

SMS costs for the initial 1 to 1,000 messages will be charged at 24 cents per message including GST.

SMS cost for messages beyond 1,000 to 5000 will then be charged at a discounted rate of 20 cents per message including GST.

SMS costs for all messages beyond 5,000 will then be further discounted to 15 cents per message including GST.

The text length for each message is limited to 154 characters. Any message of more than 154 characters will be charged as an additional SMS message for each additional multiple of 154 characters.

If you are an existing MasterCare EMR customer, let us know that you would like to activate the feature in your software. If you are a new customer, please advise us you would like to include it as an add-on.