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MasterCare software is built for all members of a service team to make more informed clinical decisions, regardless of their service setting.

Our digital solution makes managing the health and well-being of your players easier

MasterCare products for sports clubs leverage the power of connected health records to make it easy to track player health, store important health information, exchange diagnosis and referrals and promote better health outcomes for members.

Providing a range of benefits that can improve patient care beyond the initial diagnosis

Our web-based software can allow health professionals at sports clubs to view past player health information, diagnose new injuries and send referrals to secondary health providers. Ensuring a continuity of player health care and preventing ongoing injury problems.

We help sporting clubs…

Local sporting
sports clubs
Local sports

…Improve their player health management

Digital player

Store important player information such as medical history, medications, allergies, next of kin and more to gain a greater understanding of player health when delivering care.

Patient diagnosis
and referral

Diagnose players from a range of listed health conditions, generate referrals to send to secondary health providers and view updates from secondary care providers.

Player health

Give players the ability so upload their own health conditions, measure their progress and share their health information with club members, family and additional providers.

Our solutions

MasterCare+ for Sports Teams

Next generation software for the modern day sports club.

Lifecard for Consumer Empowerment

An application for putting your health in your own hands.

Proudly sponsoring the Glen Eira Football and Netball Club

“Using Lifecard within the Club’s community will not only enable trainers to better manage the health of our players, but it will also provide players a tool they can use to manage their own health from a Football and Netball perspective and their general health outside of the club. The ability for a player to share their record with not only trainers, but also their Next Of Kin, is a huge benefit for our community. We take player well-being very seriously at this club, and to be at the forefront of medical innovation in our league is a big step forward for us.”

– Ivan Delac, Club President” –

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