Run an integrated Community Health Service with one end-to-end patient management platform.

MasterCare’s community health solution provides a single platform to run your multi-disciplinary community health service. Say goodbye to inefficient patient workflows, inconsistent data collection, and poor access to patient information at the point of care when you switch to the #1 solution for Australian community health.

Tired of disconnected patient management?

At MasterCare, we help enterprise level organisations…

Primary health
Local health
Community health

…Streamline their service delivery

Improved patient

Clinical and practice management modules accessible across service teams. Providing patient information at the point of care for better decision making.

Greater access to
Government funding

Support for more Government funded programs and data sets than any other EMR on the market. Offering compliance with NDIS, HACC, CHSP, PMHC and more.

Smarter data reporting
and analytics

Collect more consistent data with our data focused clinical workflows and Tier 3 data storage facility, and unlock insights that drive action with our dashboard reporting.

Discover our leading solution for Australian Community Health

Dashboard Reporting
MasterCare EMR
The premier practice management and electronic medical record platform for Australian Community Health
Patient Engagement

We help Australian organisations run an integrated health service

1,000+ healthcare organisations
8,000+ healthcare providers
1.5 million+ patients annually
3 million+ occasions of service

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