For safer patient care

MasterCare EMR is integrated with SafeScript, allowing prescribers real time access to view patients’ prescription history prior to dispensing a prescription for high-risk medicines monitored through the system. If a high-risk medicine from the SafeScript list is being prescribed for a patient, a red, amber or green alert notification will pop up on their computer screen to notify the patient’s history of high-risk medicine use, allowing the prescribers to make a more informed decision when prescribing.

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Why SafeScript?

Helping doctors provide safer patient care

Real-time view of SafeScript high-risk prescription medicines

Visibility of real-time patients’ prescription history

Systems alerts and notifications

More informed decision making

One integrated process

SafeScript is integrated with MasterCare EMR for medical practitioners using prescribing software.

Therefore, medical practitioners will have real-time access to SafeScript via the MasterCare EMR platform allowing them to make informed decisions when prescribing high-risk medicine for patients.

MasterCare: EMR - Workflow

The monitored high-risk medicines in SafeScript include S8 medications, and selected S4 medications including benzodiazepines, z-drugs, quetiapine and all products containing codeine.

The alerts or notification will pop up on their computer screen to notify of a patient’s history of high-risk medicine use.

MasterCare: Safescript