Three Reasons why MasterCare is the Market Leading Solution for Community Health

Are you looking for a solution to take your organisation to the next level?

Here are three reasons why MasterCare is the market-leading solution for community health (and why we think you’ll love it too).

Growing your organisation equals providing more services, plus implementing more clinical systems to support these services. At least, that has been the formula for community health providers across Australia over the past decade. However, times are changing in the new era of Government data reporting and digital client records, meaning multiple disconnected systems are no longer cutting it.

A snapshot of problems facing Australian community health organisations include:

  • loss of patient information
  • disconnected referral processes
  • missing clinical data

In addition to the above, there are more significant impacts these issues can have on access to Government funding, clinical decision making and overall patient health outcomes. That’s why implementing a leading community health solution is crucial to taking your health organisation to the next level.

Here are three reasons why we are the leading solution for Victorian Community Health Organisations and why we think you’ll love MasterCare, no matter what State you operate in!

1. Our Clinical and Practice Management Modules

Throughout our history of supporting clients providing a range of services, like mental health, alcohol and other drugs and hospitals, the MasterCare system has adapted and grown alongside its users. That’s why MasterCare EMR now has more built-in modules for clinical and practice management than any other software on the market.

Features within the software include rosters and appointment booking, online billing and claiming, case management features, drug alerts and ePrescriptions, allergies and diagnosis, and our range of mental health-specific assessment tools.

We have designed MasterCare to tackle the multi-disciplinary structure of the modern-day community health organisation.

With a range of existing modules and the ability to integrate with existing clinical systems, MasterCare is the perfect solution for individual deployment to meet the requirements of multiple teams. Alternatively, MasterCare EMR can be the glue that holds your various clinical systems and patient data together (we know how stubborn GP’s can be 😉 ).

2. Our Data Capture, Storage and Reporting Capabilities

Another reason why MasterCare leads the Victorian Community Health market is its ability to provide a range of data capture, storage, and extract features alongside a first-class data analytics service.

Data is rapidly becoming a precious commodity for governments and health networks across Australia, that’s why ensuring your clinical system can safely and accurately handle your clinical information is crucial to giving your organisation a step up in the ongoing competition for funding.

MasterCare provides three essential services when handling your precious patient data.

Data capture and storage

The MasterCare solution comes with structured and consistent data capture, allowing for the integration of collected data into clinical workflows, perfect for clinicians! This, coupled with a Tier 1 data warehouse located within Australia, ensures your data is safe and accurate.

Data extracts for Government reporting

MasterCare is the most robust solution in Victoria because of the sheer number of Government data extracts the solution supports out of the box. These include Australian AOD, NDIS, HACC, CHSP, PMHC and MyHealthRecord, and support for VADC, NOCC and VINAH for our Victorian clients.

Data analytics for executive reporting

MasterCare’s Dashboards-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution connects your MasterCare with Tableau. Tableau is a premier data analytics software that allows for customisable data dashboards to be viewed anytime, anyplace on any device. With automatic updates and nightly data refreshing, MasterCare’s DaaS platform is perfect for executives who want to take a closer look at their processes.

3. We are part of the Global Health Suite of Solutions

Global Health Suite

Global Health Limited has over 20 years of experience supporting health organisations, from individual community centres to primary health networks. Its suite of SaaS solutions provides additional support for patient engagement and connectivity.

The backing of Global Health is the third reason MasterCare is the market-leading solution for Victorian Community Health Organisations. Global Health’s range of add-ons is continually being updated to include modern eHealth technology and tools. Therefore, implementing a MasterCare solution offers our clients a progressive partnership beyond providing an EMR. It gives organisations the benefits of additional digital tools and allows our clients to access support from key members of the Global Health family of products.

We think there are more than three reasons why community health organisations love what we do, but to find out we encourage you to contact us for a demo or a chat.
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