There are MasterCare solutions for a variety of different healthcare organisations. Find out more about our MasterCare solutions below.

Capture your client details on our web based clinical and practice management solution with customisable modules to suit your business.
MasterCare+ for Allied Health

A simple and easy to use platform with the key Practice Management, Client Record, Patient Engagement and Secure Message Delivery features needed for small to medium practices. Read more.

MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries

Create, view and send Electronic Discharge Summaries to other healthcare providers and to My Health Record. Read more.

MasterCare+ for Referral Management

Drive cost savings and efficiency improvements in the management of inbound referrals and outbound communication across multiple clinics and outpatient departments. Read more.

MasterCare+ for Secure Messaging

Configured for organisations who do not use a clinical system but want to securely send, receive and attach documents to client records. Read more.