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Less paper time, more patient time

The Patient Portal helps you digitally capture your client or patient information prior to their appointment or admission without having you to re-key information into your MasterCare EMR or PAS.

Give your patients the option to access the portal from anywhere at any time, so you have the accurate information and can focus on improving their health outcomes.

Patients can save their form and come back to complete it later otherwise, they will receive a reminder before their appointment or admission date. All of the information provided automatically goes to your MasterCare EMR or PAS database to assist in the preparation for your patient’s appointment or admission.

When patients create a Patient Portal account to complete a form, a Lifecard Health Record account is automatically created.

Why use our patient portal?

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Your brand

Customise Patient Portal with your own logo and colours for brand consistency and credibility.

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Your questions

Add questions specific to your organisation’s requirements to capture relevant information.

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Reduce human error

Eliminate double handling of information with digital forms. When used with our PAS, we can also map the answers to your existing PDF to help with change management.


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The information collected in Patient Portal synchronises with your EMR or PAS database.

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Accessible from any smartphone, laptop or computer connected to the internet. Patients can save and come back later.

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Reduced physical touch

Increase safety by decreasing touchpoints with digital forms.


Current MasterCare clients using Patient Portal are successfully completing 60% of their pre-admissions online, saving them up to 50% of the time which is usually spent on administrative tasks.

Enhance your hospital workflow from start to end by combining our products

Digitally capture patient data prior to an appointment, sync the data to your patient administration system, and create, and upload electronic discharge summaries to the My Health Record system to complete the patient journey.

Manage in hospital tasks with MasterCare PAS

Manage electronic discharge summaries with MasterCare+

Manage post hospital monitoring with Lifecard

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Need more forms? No worries, pair Patient Portal with HotHealth

HotHealth is another Global Health solution

Use HotHealth for referral forms, patient satisfaction, outcome measure and more.

What is Lifecard?

Lifecard allows patients to track their most important measurements and health records via the personal health record app. Information such as allergies and medication entered to Patient Portal forms will remain saved in your patient’s Lifecard Health Record and app which will assist them by automatically prefilling commonly asked questions in the future. Lifecard gives patients 24/7 access to all their health information wherever they are – even after they have completed their visit to the hospital or clinic.

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