Patient engagement tools

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Empower patients by encouraging them to be involved in their health

As a Company, Global Health is focused on placing the patient in the center of the health eco-system. Our MasterCare software products come with the ability to add-on or pair patient engagement tools such as SMS, Video Conferencing, Digital Forms and more.

Create a better patient experience

2-Way SMS

We can’t remember everything and neither can your patients.
2-way SMS helps to reduce no-shows at your organisation.

SMS can be used within MasterCare EMR and MasterCare+.

Patient App

Patients and clients can keep record of their important health items. They can share their record with family, careers and medial professionals for optimal patient care.

Our patient app is offered via Lifecard, another Global Health product. Integrations exist with our MasterCare suite.

Custom forms

Easily create good looking forms with your organisation’s logo and colours. Customise questions fields specific to your requirements. Create contact, feedback, enquiries, surveys and pr-eadmission forms to stay on top of your administration.

Digital forms are offered via HotHealth, another Global Health product. They can be integrated to your MasterCare software if required.

Maintain relationships between appointments

Online bookings

Give your patients the ability to booking appointments at their convenience. Set up appointment fees and availability times for each member of your organisation. Block out time for breaks, meetings and other unavailable time slots.

Online booking offered via HotHealth, another Global Health product. Integrated with MasterCare+.

User & group engagement

Group your patients into like-minded online communities where you can share news, blogs and articles relevant to them. Create groups such as Diabetics, where patients to share healthy recipes and exercise plans.

This service is offered via HotHealth, another Global Health product.


Overcome the barriers of time and distance with video conferencing. Use it in place of in-person consultations, follow-ups or to offer after hour services. MBS rebates available and meets the Australian Digital Health standards.

Telehealth is offered via HotHealth, another Global Health product.

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