Patient engagement

Better patient experiences and smarter workflows with HotHealth’s digital patient engagement tools.

Are you looking to take your practice online? Or do you just want smarter ways to streamline your operational efficiency? With HotHealth’s patient engagement tools, you can access the latest health-tech tools such as digital forms, telehealth, online appointment booking and even build your own website with one easy to use platform, designed for clinicians.

Take your practice online the easy way

With smarter digital tools built for practitioners with no technical experience

Take your practice

Don’t have an online presence yet? Let our website building do the heavy lifting for you.

Access the latest
digital tools

Implement the latest patient engagement tools such as digital forms and telehealth.

Create better patient

Improve the patient user experience with smarter tools designed for ease of use.

When you implement the HotHealth platform

Take your practice online

With our user friendly website builder designed for clinicians and practice managers.

Accept online bookings

Let your patients book your services online with an interactive appointment book, staff profiles and email reminders.

Host telehealth consults

Support your patients through Covid-19 with scheduled video consults, group sessions, screen sharing and chat functionality.

Send digital forms

Create digital forms with a drag and drop form builder, custom templates and customisable branding.

Streamline business workflows

Save time when you send 2-way SMS reminders, online patient registration forms and patient recall reminders automatically.

Unlock the power of HL7

Collect patient data through online forms and have information automatically transferred into your MasterCare software with secure HL7 integrated messaging.

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