MasterCare PAS enables the seamless flow of information along the patient journey from web portal registration to discharge.


MasterCare PAS is used across a variety of hospital settings, from day procedure services to complex multidisciplinary hospitals.

This Patient Administration System drives best practice workflow in appointment scheduling, theatre bookings and bed management.

With easy-to-use customisable system menus and configurable modules, MasterCare PAS will adapt to your needs, including interfacing with Medicare, health funds and a variety of third party systems.


Providing operations staff with a comprehensive solution to manage beds, theatres and medical records as well as billing and receipting.

Fee,bills 100px@1X

Fee estimation, patient billing and receipting


Emergency department management

Online chesks 100px@1X

Online Patient Verification and Eligibility Check (OPV) & (OEC)

Alerts 100px@1X

Alerts (clinical and administrative)

Management reporting 100px@1X

Operational and management reporting

Scalability to any hospital size_1@1Xv2

Scalability to any hospital size

MasterCare EMR Wait list Feature

Wait list management

Records @1Xv2

Medical Records coding and chart tracking

Audit trail 100px@1X

Full audit trail

Integration with third party software_1@1Xv2

Integration with third party software

Statutary 100px@1X

Statutory reporting


Web-based pre-admission pathways

Appointment 100px@1X

Appointment scheduling


Admissions and discharges

Bed management 100px@1X

Bed management


Theatre management

MasterCare Device Touch screen

Theatre touch screen module


Automated SMS reminders

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Your hospital could benefit from using Patient Portal with MasterCare PAS. Helping you capture patient information for pre-administration and discharge summaries. Capture patient data digitally to ensure your administrative staff can focus on serving patients and not paperwork. Contact us or click the link below to find out more.