MasterCare PAS

A software solution to manage your administrative and clinical hospital targets

A single system

MasterCare PAS (Patient Administration System) provides everything a hospital needs in a single system to digitally transform business operations and workflows. By enabling a seamless digital journey for each patient, with a unified patient view, users can drive best practice workflows in appointment scheduling, theatre bookings, billing, claiming and bed management.

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Built for private hospitals

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Patient Administrative System

An end-to-end, fully integrated, scalable software solution that incorporates the entire process that a rehabilitation hospital, overnight hospital or day surgery performs.

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Drive Best Practice Workflows

Different departments and teams can personalise their system menus to their frequently used modules and specialty needs. Adapt the system to the needs of your hospital ensuring consistency between clinical and administrative workflows.

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Simplify Statutory Reporting

A single system to automate coding and billing processes by easily collecting data directly from your PAS. Complete statutory reporting more efficiently with access to a full range of custom reports for all states.

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Improve Revenue Management

Transform your hospital’s revenue management with a single system to optimise cost-effective workflows, reducing operational costs, helping to achieve KPIs and maximum ROI.

Improved Patient Journey

Prolonged wait times can affect the patient experience, and reduce the revenue cycle. MasterCare PAS streamlines the patient hospital journey, end to end, ensuring continuity of care from pre-admission to discharge. By efficiently managing the patient journey, decision making and patient care can be dramatically improved.

MasterCare: PAS - Workflow

Our MasterCare solution ensures patient data is easily accessible and users have full visibility at all times to confirm the patient is in the right place at the right time, with the right clinician in the right venue of care. Create a seamless flow of information along the patient journey from the time the patient presents at reception to the time of discharge.

Overcome these pain points often experienced by hospitals

Slow billing and invoicing

Outdated paper-based processes

Multiple systems for different purposes

Inefficient patient workflows

Difficulty meeting statutory reporting needs

Inaccurate or incomplete patient data

MasterCare PAS enables a digital journey for each patient in hospitals of any size or complexity.

A MasterCare PAS solution will give you the results you need

We have hospitals across Australia using our software

Easy to navigate and use, prompt remote support service available when required.

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