A solution to manage your clinical and administrative hospital targets
MasterCare Patient Administration System (PAS) enables a seamless digital journey for each patient in hospitals of any size or complexity
Patient Administrative System

An end-to-end fully integrated, scalable software solution that incorporates the entire process that a rehabilitation hospital, overnight hospital or day surgery performs.

Simplify Statutory Reporting

A single system to automate coding and billing processes by easily collecting data directly from your PAS. Complete statutory reporting more efficiently with access to a full range of custom reports for all states.

Drive Best Practice Workflows

Different departments and teams can personalise their system menus to their frequently used modules and speciality needs. Adapt the system to the needs of your hospital ensuring consistency between clinical and administrative workflows.

Improve Revenue Management

Transform your hospital’s revenue management with a single system to optimise cost-effective workflows, reducing operational costs, helping to achieve KPIs and maximum ROI.

A single system

MasterCare provides everything a hospital needs in a single system to digitally transform business operations and workflows. By enabling a seamless digital journey for each patient, with a unified patient view, users can drive best practice workflows in appointment scheduling, theatre bookings, billing, claiming and bed management.

Improved Patient Journey

Prolonged wait times can affect the patient experience, and reduce the revenue cycle. MasterCare streamlines the patient hospital journey, end to end, ensuring continuity of care from pre-admission to discharge. By efficiently managing the patient journey, decision making and patient care can be dramatically improved.

MasterCare ensures patient data is easily accessible and users have full visibility at all times to confirm the patient is in the right place at the right time, with the right clinician in the right venue of care. Create a seamless flow of information along the patient journey from the time the patient presents at reception to the time of discharge.

Overcome hospital pain points

Slow billing and

Inefficient patient
workflow processes

Outdated paper-based

Difficulty meeting statutory
reporting needs

Multi-systems for
different purposes

Inaccurate or incomplete
patient data

Enable improved hospital operations with comprehensive bookings management, reporting services and financial claiming in a single system. Processes are automated and include billing, appointments, scheduling, regulatory compliance and financial auditing within your hospital. It also connects with Medicare and health funds for eligibility checks and claiming, and integrates with financial systems.

Manage all aspects of your hospital’s operations such as medical, financial, reporting, administrative, legal, and compliance, from a single system. Enable your team to optimise workflows by tracking hospital activities, reduce operational expenses with better use of resources, and achieve maximum ROI with operational efficiencies within the hospitals.

MasterCare supports the growth strategy of any private hospitals to improve revenue management and enhance the quality of healthcare services provided.

The reliance of hospitals on manual paper-based processes for patient registration and pre-admissions is time consuming and a waste of valuable resources. There is a lack of accuracy in patient information, duplication and potential loss of medical files.

MasterCare automates workflows using digital technologies which sync with the database to support a paperless environment.

Disparate systems slow down processes and can be costly in time and resources. MasterCare is a fully customisable, comprehensive and an integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations.

Web portal access for patients, extensive medical and surgical workflow management, and system menus and modules can be adapted to the needs of your hospital ensuring consistency between clinical and administrative workflows.

Increased productivity is achieved through the ease of usability and user-friendliness of the system which users find practical and intuitive to interact with.

MasterCare PAS features

  • Patient’s extensive admission history
  • Medicare and health fund
  • Online patient verification and eligibilty check (OPV) and (OEC)
  • Admission/discharge/transfer/leave
  • Patient labels printing
  • Customisable forms
  • My Health Record
  • Diagnosis and procedures – clinical coding (ICD10)
  • Clinical alerts, allergies and notices – reporting
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medical records and chart tracking
  • Operational and management reporting
  • Full range of standard reports or customised reports
  • Export a range of formats – Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF
  • Simplified and automated
  • Fee estimation, patient billing and receipting
  • Bill by event, case or item or other variables
  • Clinical coding efficiency
  • Funds tracking
  • Invoice, Receipt, reconcile
  • Electronic Health fund claims
  • Medicare Online/Eclipse, DVA paperless
  • IHC Day and multi Day stay
  • Manage multiple Patient /provider accounts
  • Time capture for field staff
  • Accounting system integration
  • HCP Case mix protocol
  • Bed management
  • Surgical record
  • Theatre touch screen module
  • Theatre management, bookings and schedule
  • Theatre, pre and post operation record
  • Full audit record and trail
  • Version control
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Role based security – user permissions
  • Hosted or on premise solution
  • Reoccurring and group bookings
  • Customisable system menus
  • Medical Records coding and chart tracking
  • Emergency department management
  • Administrative alerts
  • Web-based pre-admission pathways
  • Admissions and discharges
  • Multi calendar view–rooms/providers/theatres
  • Create sessions/book appointments and scheduling
  • Waitlist, reservation and next available functionality
  • Automated SMS appointment reminders
  • Integration with MIMS Australia for decision support
  • Integrate pharmacy prescribing
  • Build custom assessments (e.g. cancer registry)
  • Link assessments to care plans or actions/episodes
See more of the MasterCare capabilities
  • Patient Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Preadmission Management
  • Inpatient Management
  • Overnight Management
  • Claims Management
  • Ward Management

Cloud or on-premise hosting

Benefit from cost-effectiveness, world-class data security, disaster recovery & accessibility.

Some of our happy customers:

Adam Goss
Business and Administration Manager
Wesley Mission Hospital

“The transition from our old PAS to MasterCare PAS has been very smooth thanks to the Global Health team, who was very organised and thorough from planning up to going live. We can already see the impact of using MasterCare PAS and online claiming. Our ability to now lodge claims electronically with private health funds and DVA streamlines and cuts processing time for us. We have been extremely happy with the process!”

Pennant Hills Day Surgery
Administration Manager

“We took on Global Health’s PAS system at a very stressful time when we were relocating. We needed it to be easy to use, efficient and up-to-date, with room to move. We have found that to be the case, especially with the additions of a Patient Portal and SMS messaging. These additions have been a real time-saver and therefore, cost saver. The team have been very attentive to our needs and requirements, there has been nothing that they haven’t tried to accommodate for us. All the team are very easy to deal with and any requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently.”