MasterCare+ Successful Updates

Card list

Here is a list of the new features:

  • Total count is now available on the card list – no more manual counting
  • CSV downloads can be created for local records, charts or reports
  • Tag coding with text and colours for easy identification and eliminating the need to expand content for more information
  • Frequently used tags will be displayed first when adding a new tag record, so you no longer need to search your most commonly used tags
  • Expand, collapse & group results with the card lists to easily find information without  the need for scrolling up and down
  • New item categories are available in processed items such as date processed, date received, processed by, classification, and provider
  • New item categories are also available in the sent items such as sent by team, sent by User, classification, recipient organisation


Search by mobile number


You can now easily search and find clients using their mobile phone number.
Also, when sending a referral from M+, your clients number will be included in the referral.