MasterCare+ security features

We have developed MasterCare+ to optimise your organisation’s security

MasterCare+ has developed and implemented security focused features to reduce malpractice, accidents and security breaches. This is so you can rest assured knowing that your organisation’s data, patient data and security is safe.

Security Features

Audit Recording

MasterCare+ has the ability to keep an audit trail of all data changes made by your organisation’s users. Also, MasterCare+ keeps an audit trail of all records viewed by users for detecting privacy breaches and inappropriate record accesses.

Account Lockout

If a user fails to login 3 times in a row MasterCare+ will temporarily disable the user’s account for 30 minutes. This is to prevent unauthorised access to accounts. A notification email will be sent to the user of suspicious activity on their account and the following will be displayed if the user account gets locked:

The system admin has the authority to manually unlock the user’s account immediately.
To do this go to User Profile > Admin Configuration > Users. Click on “Unlock“.

Password Policy

There is a minimum length (8 characters) and password complexity (at least one capital, one number and one special character) enforced in MasterCare+. This enforces users to set a stronger password to avoid unauthorised access.

Inactivity Timeout

Inactivity timeout can be configured so that where there is no user activity for an agreed time period (default is set to 10 mins), the user is logged out and needs to be reauthenticated in order to protect the user account from security risks.

To do this go to User Profile > Admin Configuration > Settings > Inactivity Timeout