Gradually and seamlessly transfer from paper and fax to a digital solution

MasterCare+ Scanned Medical Record

From $800 per month


Scanned Medical Record Package

The MasterCare+ Scanned Medical Records package includes these features:

Document Repository

All your staff can store and access up to 10,000 documents. More documents can be added if needed.

Grag and drop all kinds of attachments, scanned documents and Secure Message documents.

Secure Message Delivery

Your hospital and supporting services can securely exchange a range of document types including letters, images, results and discharge summaries.

There are 50 ReferralNet Secure Messages included in your pack every month. Additional secure messages will be charged.

Patient and Hospital Management

Capture patient information such as contact details, demographics, next of kin and culture.

Access and create templates for your clinical documents and clinical notes. Define merge tags, tables, set up signatures and include logos for progress notes and referral letters.

Capture and record your full episodes of care against a client’s record.

Record encounters with a time stamp and directly attach them to your client’s record.

Patient Engagement

Integrates with Lifecard Personal Health Record.

The MasterCare+ Scanned Medical Record package includes scanned document storage, customisable web forms, hybrid digital and paper-based access management and more!

Additional Features Available

Depending on your organisation you may wish to use MasterCare+ for other tasks.

Rostering and Appointments

Your Hospital’s Administrative Staff can manage rosters and monitor appointments for your services.


Outcome Measures

Assess your clients and link the result to their record.

Invoicing And Receipting…Coming Soon

Manage invoicing, payments and provide receipts to your patients and other healthcare organisations.

Medicare Online Claims…Coming Soon

Make electronic claims with Medicare online claiming. This includes bulk billing and patient claiming.


Referral Management

Digitise your referral management, triage incoming referrals and outbound communication.

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Lifecard Personal Health Record Integration, Invoicing and Receipting and Medicare Claims.