MasterCare+ for Referral Management

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A scalable web-based platform with inbuilt Secure Messaging and Fax connectivity.

Allow staff to conveniently capture data and track the patient experience from their first visit right through to the referral request, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

MasterCare+ is designed to optimise triage with workflow automation, status tracking and optional integration to your billing and clinical.

Optimise your referral process by tracking and reporting on the status of referrals throughout the patient referral journey.

It’s time to close the referral loop for your patients with an integrated solution configured to your organisation’s needs. Enable your central intake team to assess, accept, decline and triage inbound referrals against pre-set requirements.

The MasterCare+ Referral Management package includes a triage dashboard to ensure that relevant KPIs for referral processing are monitored in real-time.

For better patient outcomes and improved business efficiency

Easily coordinate referrals to support continuity of care, ensuring no patients are lost from your network. Providing a seamless patient referral process is now expected to support value-based care for improved health outcomes.

The manual process of sending, collecting, triaging and allocating referrals is an enormous strain on individual healthcare providers with a large amount of time spent on transcribing, re-keying and manually triaging referrals.

While your clinical staff deliver optimal care, MasterCare+ can provide an integrated framework of analytics to better serve patients, close revenue-cycle gaps, and grow your margins.

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Reduced revenue leakage

Experience an immediate reduction in referral leakage and lead times through implementing an effective referral management solution.

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Improved completion rates

Track the status of all of your patient referrals and make sure that your patient is scheduled to be seen within an appropriate period.

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Increased productivity

Gain the ability to track a patient’s progress through their care journey to improve the patient experience and the operating efficiencies of clinical and administration staff.

Referral Management Package

The MasterCare+ Referral Management package includes these features:
Practice Management
Clinical Management
Optional addons within MasterCare+
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Experience the benefits of going paperless

MasterCare+ can provide a complete solution which not only provides a Referral Management System but supports the adoption of Secure Message delivery for the exchange of clinical documents. Implementing an eReferral process with MasterCare+ improves workflows and reduces costs by eliminating paper-based processes, and supporting the transition to more secure and efficient digital pathways.

Bridging the gap to a future in digital healthcare, the MasterCare+ solution does not limit inbound referrals to those received via Secure Message Delivery. Faxed and mailed referrals can also be included to be triaged and assigned which will be sent as a PDF via ReferralNet in the same manner as a Secure Message, eliminating the need for scanning faxes.

Use the MasterCare+ Centralised Referral Dashboard

The impressive triage dashboard ensures performance is in line with KPIs, and referral status can be tracked from point of referral, all the way through to when the referrals are forwarded to the relevant clinic or department.

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Perfect for Data Governance reporting and tracking Organisational KPI’s

  • Track referrals from point of referral through to forwarding to relevant departments
  • Conveniently view referral status from beginning to end of the referral pathway
  • Use data gathered to review performance and improve governance reporting

A connected solution

MasterCare+is a fully digital and integrated electronic Referral Management solution, which can be used stand-alone or via our eSwitch middleware to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure, clinical and appointment system or a third-party applications.

Case study

Peninsula Health reduce costs and lift standards with MasterCare+

Peninsula Health is the public health provider for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. Serving 300,000 people, they needed a solution to move away from their inefficient paper-based referral and discharge processes, to a more secure and productive electronic messaging platform.

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Client engagement features

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