MasterCare+ for Pharmacies


From $45 per month

Tired of not having a central platform to manage patient data for additional services?

MasterCare+ For Pharmacy gives pharmacies the tools to run additional programs and services efficiently to help improve the patient experience.

Record patient data and notes related to your services and community programs at the point of care, on any device, anytime. Book appointments for meetings like Medication Management Programs, immunisations and Home Medication Reviews.

Reduce your dependence on paper-based processes and exchange information from MasterCare+ to GPs and Allied Health with Secure Messaging.

Empower your patients

with a suite of patient engagement tools

Securely share care plans and other health communication via MasterCare+ to your patient’s Lifecard Personal Health Record.

Give patients the ability to book appointments online and offer telehealth services with HotHealth.

Pharmacy Package

The MasterCare+ Pharmacy package includes these features:

Secure Message Delivery

Securely exchange a range of document types including letters, images, results and discharge summaries.

Document Management

Can create templates for different pharmacy programs and services.

Capture information beyond what is stored in your dispensary and POS systems.

Easily save documents with the drag and drop function from disparate systems and programs in one place for easy access and filtering.

Access patients’ shared health summaries, medicines views, discharge summaries, allergies, immunisation record, pathology reports and specialists letters.

Patient Engagement

Send upcoming appointment reminders and receive confirmations directly to your system.

Integrate Lifecard Personal Health Record with MasterCare+. Empower your patients to stay on top of their health by recording their own medication list electronically and key health metrics on the Lifecard app.

MasterCare+ integrates with HotHealth for online bookings. Encourage patients to book appointments for services online to reduce your team’s workload. Find out more about HotHealth.

Pharmacy Management

Make appointments for medical checks and services such as: vaccinations, diabetes education, beauty offerings and other allied health services and programs.

Manage payments for additional pharmacy services. If you have in-house allied health they can utilise Medicare claiming.

Customise your team and roles settings to suit your business.
In a community pharmacy there might be:

  • Pharmacists who need access to notes, MHR
  • Pharmacy Assistants who need to add measurements such as blood pressure, or see other meds in Lifecard
  • Retail Assistants who need to take bookings and payments
  • The Owners will need access to reporting functions
  • Allied Health professionals will need to add notes and communicate externally.

Improve client experience and engagement with:

Video Conferencing
The perfect alternative for face-to-face appointments

Online Bookings
Book appointments directly via your HotHealth website

User and Group Engagement
Strengthen relationships and engage with your clients

Online Shop
Take online payments for your services, products and bookings

2-Way SMS
Reduce no-shows by sending appointment reminders and record your patient’s responses

Your Brand
Customise your website to your organisation’s logos and colours

Medicare Online
Easily make paperless Medicare claims at the time of invoicing


Patient Portal
Gain efficiencies and capture patient data digitally to ensure your administrative staff can focus on serving patients and not paperwork

My Health Record
Upload health summaries directly to My Health Record for better patient outcomes


Improve your services with our MasterCare+ solutions for pharmacy

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