MasterCare+ discharge summaries

Create Electronic Discharge Summaries and upload to My Health Record

From $500 per month

Easily create and send electronic discharge summaries

MasterCare+ helps your team create Electronic Discharge Summaries to accelerate aftercare plans and healthcare provider communications for better patient care.

Encourage all care providers to use the pre-populated templates to ensure that all of the required information has been provided at discharge for accurate and quality Discharge Summaries.

Use the same plateform to upload discharge summaries directly to My Health Record

MasterCare+ gives you the ability to view, share and upload electronic discharge summaries to the My Health Record system.

This helps keep all healthcare providers on the same page for improved communications and better patient outcomes.

Discharge Summary Package

The MasterCare+ Discharge summary package includes these features:

Practice Management

Create and manage rosters for your team and monitor appointments for your clinic.

Capture client information such as contact details, demographics, next of kin and culture.

Clinical Management

Access and create templates for your clinical documents and clinical notes. Define merge tags, tables, set up signatures and include logos for progress notes and referral letters.

Share, access and store clinical documents from anywhere. Include scanned documents, referral letters, images, and results with your client records.

Each organisation can store up to 2,000 documents with the ability to add storage in increments of 1,000 documents at an additional cost.

Secure Message Delivery

Healthcare professionals can securely exchange a range of document types including letters, images, results and discharge summaries.

There are 10 ReferralNet secure messages included in your package every month. Additional secure messages will be charged.

Patient Engagement

Integrate with Lifecard Personal Health Record.

The discharge summary Package gives you the ability to digitise your discharge processes and aftercare communications

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