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Deliver better health outcomes with MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries; a web-based, mobile-enabled platform with inbuilt Secure Messaging.

Allow your hospital staff to easily generate, send and store electronic discharge summaries with structured data, and upload it to the My Health Record system, anytime, anywhere from any device.

MasterCare+ is designed to improve connectivity within your healthcare network, enhance hospital operations and workflows, and improve patient outcomes.

Improve patient care with access to the right information at the right time

Discharge summaries are often the only form of communication that accompanies the patient to their next setting of care. Having access to a single view of complete and updated patient medical data ensures healthcare providers can make informed care decisions.

High-quality discharge summaries are critical to patient outcomes. They reduce the risk of re-hospitalisation when a patient receives timely follow-up care. Electronic Discharge Summaries allow for improved patient information sharing, more efficient health service provision after hospital discharge, resulting in better patient safety.

Provide quality patient information such as medications, allergies and medical history for clear communication with other healthcare providers.

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Continuity of care

Electronic Discharge Summaries are a key communication tool in connecting primary and secondary carers for greater information sharing and continuity of care.

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Access pre-made custom templates with prepopulated fields and structured data. Easily generate, send and store accurate and complete discharge summaries.

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My Health Record connectivity

With in-built secure messaging, hospitals connected to the My Health Record system can securely upload a copy of the Discharge Summary to patients’ My Health Records.

Discharge Summary Package

The MasterCare+ Discharge Summary package includes these features:
Practice Management
Clinical Management
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Patient Engagement

A connected solution

MasterCare+ is a fully digital and integrated Electronic Discharge Summary solution. It can easily integrate with your existing infrastructure via our eSwitch middleware so you can continue using your current PAS system with the benefit of having Electronic Discharge Summaries. To add Electronic Discharge Summaries to your current PAS system contact one of our experts via the contact form, or request a demo to see it in action.

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Video conferencing for telehealth

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Online bookings

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Client engagement features

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Digital forms

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