MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries

Next generation discharge summary software for Australian hospitals

Discharge Summaries

MasterCare+ is a next generation, web-based EHR platform for providing Australian hospitals with on-the-go patient management and discharge summary solutions.

The platform facilities the ongoing management of patient health through the real-time transfer of patient data from existing systems, the generation of electronic discharge summaries and direct uploading to My Health Record.

A complete discharge summary solution

Built for Australian hospitals seeking My Health Record accreditation

Connected eHealth

Securely integrate and share information from your PAS and other software for a connected health experience.

Real-Time Discharge

Generates real-time discharge summaries using clinical information stored in your client’s digital health records.

My Health Record

Upload discharge summaries direct to the My Health Record platform with one of the few platforms on the MHR conformance register.

Backed by the latest health technology

SaaS Platform

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is fully accessible on the web and backed up by daily database backups.

Cloud Hosting

Hosted by Global Health’s cloud platform, built on an Australian Tier 3 network and partnered with Macquarie Telecom.


Proven across existing implementations, our platform links with other systems via HL7 or FHIR and other integrations.


Leverage a team-based hierarchy that provides added security for different users, teams, roles and permissions.


The platform can be configured to support local workflows, secure messaging and data reporting requirements.

Data Reporting

Clinical workflows within the platform allow for data to be collected throughout various points of the patient journey.

Secure Messaging

The platform is supported by ReferralNet, Global Health’s connectivity software built for secure message delivery.

eHealth Records

Digital client records with team-based access ensure the right information is in the right hands at the point of care.

MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries

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