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Allied Health

MasterCare+ for Allied Health is a simple and easy to use platform with the key Practice Management with Medicare claiming, Client Records with direct My Health Record upload capabilities, Patient Engagement and Secure Message Delivery features needed for small to medium practices.

Discharge Summaries

MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries allows hospitals to easily generate, send and store electronic discharge summaries, as well as upload them to the My Health Record system.



MasterCare+ for Clinicals supports electronic prescribing using MIMS drug database with regular online updates.


Secure Messaging

MasterCare+ for Secure Messaging has been configured for organisations who do not use a clinical system but want to securely send, receive and attach documents to client records.


Referral Management

MasterCare+ Referral Management drives cost savings and efficiency improvements in the management of inbound referrals and outbound communication across multiple clinics and outpatient departments.


MasterCare+ gives pharmacies the tools to run additional programs and services efficiently to help improve the patient experience.

Sports Teams

MasterCare+ helps you easily manage your daily tasks of maintaining the health and wellbeing of your team.

MasterCare+ is a truly modular solution that supports healthcare practitioners and organisations in digitising their services and processes. Organisations can add different modules to their package to make sure it meets the specific needs of each business. 

The web-based application is device agnostic, it has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for your staff to learn and use MasterCare+ every day.

Giving you the access and flexibility you need to provide your services. MasterCare+ is the most progressive solution for healthcare providers who want complete control over their services.

The Platform

MasterCare+ icon Device Agnostic

Device Agnostic

MasterCare+ icon Live notifications

Live Notifications

MasterCare+ icon responsive dashboard

Responsive Dashboard

MasterCare+ icon Team based permissions

Team Based Permissions

MasterCare+ icon Customisable Workflows

Customisable Workflows

MasterCare+ icon point in time restoration

SMD Compliant

MasterCare+ icon Configurable Widgets

Configurable Widgets

MasterCare+ icon Role based rules

Role Based Business Rules

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