Is your hospital My Health Record Ready?

My Health Record for Hospitals

By 2019

Over the past few months, we have been speaking with hospitals about future requirements for their PAS systems.

One of the key requirements for all hospitals moving forward is the ability to upload discharge summaries to the My Health Record system. Hospitals will need to complete a gap analysis around the My Health Record by December 2019 to understand the current gaps that exist in their software involving My Health Record.

Did you know that MasterCare has a Discharge Summary solution for hospitals?
MasterCare PAS, electronic discharge summaries and My Health Record

We have an electronic discharge summary and My Health Record solution for our MasterCare PAS clients. Our all-in-one discharge summary solution allows hospital staff to electronically capture the required details of a patient’s stay in hospital in a structured format and send it to the desired recipient via Secure Messaging (ReferralNet). A copy of the patient’s record can also be uploaded to the My Health Record system.

Your hospital and teams can customise templates for discharge summaries and other documents to fit your needs and requirements.

The solution is an add-on to your existing MasterCare PAS and is available for early trial now to interested hospitals.

All of our hospital clients will have the opportunity to start using the solution in 2019. Ahead of the required timeframes outlined by the ADHA.

Contact our team for more information and mention that you would like to find out more. You can call us on: + 61 3 9675 0600

Scanned Medical Records and more

Our solution will store all electronic discharge summaries within a client file. You can also store other images and documents via an easy drag-and-drop functionality, giving your hospital the ultimate, scanned patient medical record.

Our My Health Record and Discharge Summary solution for non-MasterCare PAS users

We can tailor the solution to integrate with other PAS systems. If your hospital uses another PAS, contact us or call us on + 61 3 9675 0600 to find out the possibilities of linking our MasterCare platform to send and upload Discharge Summaries.

MasterCare is listed on the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Register for Conformity.