MasterCare PAS release v2.3.23

Want to know what’s changed in MasterCare PAS?

We have made some changes which we are excited to share with you

New search method

You can now conveniently search for patients by their admission number. The admission number search is added to the patient search screen.

Episode header update

Your patient’s length of stay is now displayed on their episode header.

The length of stay of an overnight stay patient is calculated by subtracting the date the patient is admitted from the date of separation and deducting total leave days and length of stay of a same day patient is set to 1.

Patient email addresses

A valid email is required from the patient to ensure data accuracy. The email validation has been added to MasterCare PAS to check patient, provider and NOK emails. A valid email address must consist of an email prefix and an email domain, both in acceptable formats.

Improved system user maintenance

You can now filter and hide deactivated users on the maintenance screen. A new filter has been added to hide deactivated users. The new column “Logon Date” has been added to display the last login date for each user.

Booking error alert

Create an error message when the anesthetic type is not entered upon completing the booking. When a booking is set to the “completed” status without anaesthetic type entered, an error “The anaesthetic type must be entered for completed bookings” will be populated to remind the user.

Please contact the MasterCare PAS support team if you wish to enable the feature.

Federal and Statutory reporting

Victoria PRS2 Extract Modifications 2020-21

  • Contract Type: New contract type added – 8 Contract Type BAB.
  • Admitting / Discharge Unit Specialty Code: New code STRO – Stroke Unit added.
  • J5 – Extra Episode Record: New code NDIS Participant Flag added to J5 record.

QLD QHAPDC Extract Modifications 2020-21

  • New Mode of Separation codes – Residential aged care
    ◦ 21-Residential aged care service, which is not the usual place of residence.
    ◦ 22-Residential aged care service, which is the usual place of residence.
  • End Date Code (Removed 15 code)
    ◦ 15-Residential aged care service
  • Transferring to Facility – Additional requirements
    ◦ Transferring to Facility dropdown will appear when the mode of separation is set to 12,16,21,31
  • Standard Unit Code
    ◦ A new reference code value is be added to enable the recording of clinical toxicology standard units for admitted telehealth events.
    New Code: CTOX – Clinical Toxicology

Rehabilitation ANSNAP Extract Modifications 2020-21

  • Version number changed to 1000
  • Removed following values from the extract:
    Assessment Only Indicator (data item 15) (1 character)
    Rehabilitation plan date (data item 18) (8 characters)
    Discharge plan date (data item 19) (8 characters)
  • New Values
    Mode of Episode Start (data item 17) (1 character)
    Mode of Episode End (data item 18) (1 character)
    Total record length changed from 177 to 162 characters

Health Fund HCP/PHDB modifications 2020-21

  • HCP version is 1100 from July 2020
    Item 16 – DRG Version will be blank filled
    New item – AR DRG version will be added at the last (item 65)