MasterCare+ New Updates (Release 38)

Please find the updates below:


  • We have addressed an issue where some users may have been logged out unexpectedly when a particular action sends a notification.
  • We have now improved resilience against network errors whilst connecting to the database. This was the cause of the outage earlier this week (Mon 16th Dec).
  • When documents received into the messaging inbox fail to be converted the user can now retry the document conversion for online viewing.
Please see below:
  • When viewing the inbox, there is a opportunity to filter either sent items or processed items from the messaging icon.
    The list of processed or sent items will not be displayed until the user clicks the on apply icon. You will also notice there is date parameters, this gives the user a chance to change the default date range (1 week) before waiting for the report.
    This improved functionality will reduce the time to retrieve a full list of messages.

Please see below:

  • MasterCare+ has the ability to sync with external systems e.g. MasterCare PAS. We have improved sync processes to now accept “unknown” fields in NOK address fields and Country of Birth fields within MasterCare+.
    This has significantly reduced exception errors.
  • Subscribed email notifications for the last 3 minutes will now be bundled together and be sent as a single email.