MasterCare+ New Updates (Release 37)

User Permission & Document Restrictions


It is now possible to restrict users to have authorised permissions to save documents as complete. For unauthorised users the “Save as Complete” button will be disabled and a rollover message (when the mouse pointer is positioned over the button) will indicate that only users with one of the specific roles can save the document as complete.

Note: The current setting on configuration is for all users to have editing and save rights by default. Current users will not be required to update settings. To view how to update permissions, click through to the blog post.

When editing or creating a clinical note an exclusive lock has been enabled. Therefore the document cannot be edited by any other at the same time. If another user tries to edit the same document, they will receive the following pop up message:

How do I edit an existing User Role?

Editing User Roles

In order to edit a user role, you must be viewing the user roles management screen.

Click on Admin Configuration














From this screen, select users on the left and then a role and then click on Edit.

From the permissions list select the permissions you would like to change.  For this example, I am making changes to the clinical notes

















Once you have filled in the required information and added the role permissions, click on Save and Exit.
You have now edited a user role.


No more lost work – Auto-save is in place




As a user if I have made changes to the clinical note document, it will now save automatically upon exiting the document.

If a user leaves a document open, unattended or does not make any key strokes for a period of 30 minutes the system will perform a time-out. The user will receive a 5-minute warning of the time out, with the below pop up prompt: