MasterCare+ New Updates

Your address lookup just got smarter!

Auto-complete will now come into effect when adding an address based on your location. This saves you time and effort when completing address information.

Attachments are more secure

We have updated your attachment settings to accept the below file formats:

doc, docx, pdf, rtf, xlsx, jpg, png, zip, jpeg

This will help to avoid any accidental upload of unapproved files and viruses.

If you want to add any additional formats, simply click on “Admin Configuration” and the “Attach document” setting, and edit as required.

No more manual updates to provider directory

New users will no longer need to set up their provider directory to capture the latest directory information, this will be applied by default.

However, if you would like to change the regularity of your directory update to avoid any failed messages, and ensure your information is up to date and accurate, please follow these steps:

How to schedule automatic updates:


We are getting you My Health Record ready!

Your system is now set by default to use our CSP, however, you still need to contact Medicare to approve Global Health as your CSP and be linked to your HPI-O.


Appointment reminder settings made easier

We have updated the layout and description of the appointment reminder settings so you can clearly set them to your needs.

The patient banner just got better

We have added a sample image side by side with your patient banner settings. No more going back and forth to a patient to see if it’s your desired layout – easy!

How to customise the patient banner:


Are you integrated with HotHealth?

We have made identifying teleconference appointments easier when viewing your calendar. Simply navigate over an appointment, and clearly see the video icon for telehealth bookings.