MasterCare+ New Improvements

Secure Messaging

  • New Users and New Teams will no longer need to configure the settings for Secure Messaging – the default will ensure the account is set up and ready to start exchanging secure messages.
  • Easily identify ReferralNet accounts which have been assigned to teams making reporting that bit easier and organised.
  • Effortlessly locate your ReferralNet ID to provide to external providers for them to search and exchange secure messages with you.

How to find ReferralNet accounts and IDs:

Role Management

  • The roles tab has been simplified to clearly outline the available roles with a brief description of duties, making the assigning of roles easier.

Patient Banner

  • New clients will have a default patient banner automatically set up for their top roles. This is customisable for users so that the main patient information for each role is clearly presented on the client’s file.

How to customise patient banner:


  • When syncing data from external sources, patient information will default to the following:
    • DOB – if the day or month is missing, the date will default to the first of the year
    • Country – if missing, MasterCare+ will either automatically determine it based on the other address information or will default to the tenant’s country

FHIR Subscription

  • You can now set up to receive email or web notifications for all FHIR sync updates. These emails are customisable via Templates. Failure notifications will include more detailed information to assist with correcting and troubleshooting failures.

This improvement is only applicable to MasterCare+ systems integrated with MasterCare PAS and MasterCare EMR