MasterCare EMR V7.9: 2-way SMS and more

MasterCare EMR Upgrade

We are excited to announce the latest version of MasterCare EMR

Version 7.9 includes 2-way SMS, better ReferralNet secure messaging integration and more.

2-way SMS

The latest version of MasterCare EMR (V7.9) includes the highly anticipated 2-way SMS feature. This will help reduce frustration by reducing unexpected no-shows. Your patients will have the ability to respond to their SMS reminder and your MasterCare EMR calendar will be updated automatically depending on your client’s response. Be in control of your day and work more productively with effective communication.

ReferralNet Secure Messaging

The newest upgrade includes improvements to the ReferralNet live address book. Now you can use the ‘Live’ online lookup for other providers in the ReferralNet and Argus address books.

New Minimum Data Sets

Victorian AOD (VADC), Community Health (CH), Community Home Support Program (CHSP), Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health Program (VINAH) and Home and Community Care (HACC) Minimum Data Sets now available.

Other enhancements

We have also included several other enhancements throughout the system. To read about the new update in more detail you can read the New Release Guide in the support centre.


I have not upgraded my Mastercare EMR for some time now, does it cost me to upgrade?

The upgrades are offered to you at no cost as part of our Support Service Level Agreement (SLA).

I have upgraded my MasterCare EMR and cannot find documents such as: Release Notes, EMR Training Guide, Admin Training Guides, Module Quick-Guides?

All training documentation relating to Mastercare EMR’s Clinical, Admin, Billing modules & Release Notes can be accessed via our support centre. If you need a login to the support centre please request one via our support page.

If I host MasterCare EMR on my own server, how much capacity should I have in my database for the upgrade?

We recommend you have a spare 1GB capacity for a MasterCare EMR upgrade. Please check this before arranging an upgrade to your production environment.

Am I going to be charged for the patient’s SMS response?

No, you will not be charged for responses received in relation to SMS messages issued from MasterCare EMR.

Will I receive a response if I send out SMS messages from any other non-appointment module (follow-up, closure, results and management plans)?

Yes, you will receive responses for SMS messages issued from MasterCare EMR and all the responses will be stored with related Outbound SMS entries. If a 2-way SMS module is implemented for an organisation, clients can respond to all messages received by them from any modules within the application.

When interactive SMS is enabled, will the appointment status change if the patient responds with anything other than Yes, No, Y, N?

The appointment status will not change if anything other than a Yes, No, Y or N is received.  All responses are stored in MasterCare EMR and can be viewed via the SMS Report.

The Interactive SMS is enabled, however, my appointment status does not change in the diary?

The appointment status list must have  ‘Confirmed’ and ‘Cancelled’ options, otherwise, it will not update the appointment status when the patient responds to SMS.

What is the ongoing cost for SMS packages?

The SMS capability is offered on a Post-Paid basis; you will no longer need to pre-pay for SMS credits.

An invoice will be issued at the end of each month, based on your usage for the month. The current rates are:

Up to 1,000 messages at 0.24c per SMS
between 1,001 to 5,000 messages at 0.20c per SMS
over 5,000 at 0.15c per SMS

If interactive SMS is enabled, will the appointment status change if the patient initially responds with a Yes and then a No (and vice versa)?

The appointment status will reflect the last response received from the patient; in other words, if a patient sends a “No” response after a “Yes” response, the appointment status will change from  “Confirmed’  to “Cancelled”  and vice versa.