Exchange data externally, internally and between different software systems with the e-Switch Middleware platform.

All MasterCare products use e-Switch to share data from one software to another. Based on multithreaded architecture, e-Switch is capable of meeting the integration requirements of enterprise organisations requiring a high volume of information exchange.

Improve your MasterCare solution

By integrating MasterCare software with your existing clinical solutions

Eliminate system

Meet the requirements of 3rd party clinical systems for seamless integration

Meet enterprise

Meet high volume information exchange requirements for enterprise customers

Build your complete

Combine 3rd party solutions to build your perfect software solution

When you integrate with e-Switch

Additional services

Integrate your solution with additional services from Global Health such as patient engagement or secure messaging.

Save on upfront integration

Save time and money by integrating your 3rd party solutions with MasterCare upfront.

Increase workflow efficiency

Increase workflow efficiency when you build an integrated health solution with MasterCare and e-Switch.

Why integrate with e-Switch?

Additional Services

Cloud Hosting

Data Analytics

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Personal Health Records

Patient Engagement

Secure Messaging

Integrate with e-Switch when you implement MasterCare software

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