Is your hospital My Health Record Ready?

The future of My Health Record for Hospitals

During 2020, we took the time to speak with our current hospital clients to understand their future requirements and what we could do to better support them and their PAS systems.

One of the key requirements highlighted was that all hospitals moving forward will need to have the ability to upload discharge summaries to the My Health Record system. Therefore, hospitals Australia-wide will need to complete a gap analysis to understand what they need to do in their existing software to be capable of uploading directly to the My Health Record system.

It will be the hospital’s responsibility when a patient discharges from the facilities to communicate an electronic clinical handover to the next entity responsible for the patient’s care, whether that be a GP, Residential Aged Care Facility or other hospital.

A solution fit for purpose
MasterCare PAS, electronic discharge summaries and My Health Record

To support this requirement, electronic discharge summary was added to the MasterCare roadmap. The result, a fully digital and integrated Electronic Discharge Summary solution was created which allows hospital staff to electronically capture the required details of a patient’s stay in hospital in a structured format and send it to the desired recipient via Secure Messaging (ReferralNet). In addition, a copy of the patient’s record can be uploaded to the My Health Record system. Hospitals and their teams can customise templates for discharge summaries and other documents to fit the needs and requirements of their hospital.

A further benefit of the MasterCare solution for discharge summaries, is that it can easily integrate with existing infrastructure via our eSwitch middleware so new clients whether they use our PAS or another, can continue using their current system with the advantage of having Electronic Discharge Summaries.

Our early adopters of the discharge summary solution are coming to the end of implementation and testing. Now is the time to schedule in adding discharge summaries to your 2021 plans.

It’s time to deliver better health outcomes with MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries, a web-based, mobile-enabled platform with inbuilt Secure Messaging. To have Electronic Discharge Summaries added to your current PAS system contact one of our experts or request a demo to see it in action.

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