MasterCare software for mobile health services

Transform your processes and provide improved care for patients

MasterCare: M+ - Allied Health


A portable digital solution for billing, scheduling and client notes. 

MasterCare+software supports healthcare practitioners and organisations in digitally transforming their services and processes. The solution has a team-based infrastructure allowing for effective care-team input across multiple episodes and supports multiple funding models.

MasterCare+ has several packages, giving you the flexibility you need to provide your services. MasterCare+ modules currently include features such as billing, scheduling, occasions of service, secure messaging, prescribing and episodes of care – with more modules being added monthly.

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Global Health has developed software suitable for empowering patients and engaging with them digitally.

Find out how we can assist with streamlining the patient journey. Reduce administration time by digitally capturing patient information prior to appointments. Encourage holistic healthcare and give your patients the tools they need to monitor their health when you are not there to help.

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