MasterCare & Headspace

The chosen solution by headspace

And their centre’s Australia wide

Helping headspace support young Australian’s and their families to be mentally healthy and engaged in their communities, with greater collaboration, connectivity and efficiency in their operations.

Issues of the Modern Day Centre

Headspace Australia have delivered almost 3 million occasions of service across their 110+ centre’s, actively operating across a range of mental health settings that include GP, Allied Health, Specialist and other mental health providers. Due to the variations in these services, headspace’s existing systems often face issues they are unable to deal with.

Do you suffer from any of these?


Missing client information
at the point of care


Inefficient patient worfklows
across differing settings


Broken referral processes
across settings


Difficulty meeting data reporting requirements


Poor data capture and storage systems


Lack of integration with existing GP systems


Missing connectivity with digital health records


Slow client payment and invoicing processes

The MasterCare Solution

One team based solution, built for multi-specialty models of care, supporting headspace centre’s unlock the power of connected health records.

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Our headspace solutions

Built for support at all levels of the patient Journey


MasterCare+ for Allied Health

A web based EMR software designed for use on the go. With complete client management features, clinical notes, client records and billing and receipting features, MasterCare+ is built for allied health users who need a solution as flexible as they are.

Dashboards-as-a-Service for Data Reporting

Integrate your MasterCare data with DaaS and allow for seamless data reporting capabilities, visually pleasing dashboards and live data refreshing. Record and store your MasterCare data safely in our Data Warehouse, backed at an ISO accredited data centre here in Australia.

Primary Clinic for GP’s

A complete practice management system with built in 2-way SMS capabilities, Tyro integrated EFTPOS and Easyclaim, AID submissions, online claiming with Medicare, DVA and TAC, and online bookings.

ReferralNet for Secure Messaging

Integrated within the MasterCare system, ReferralNet Secure Messaging Delivery helps healthcare professionals confidentially and efficiently exchange referrals, faxes and other documents. Interopable with Telstra’s Argus Health, integrate ReferralNet to grow your referral network.

Lifecard for Consumer Empowerment

A personal health record application available on the app store and google play. Empower consumers to connect their clinical data, share their health records with healthcare providers and take control of their health with information directly uploaded from MasterCare.

HotHealth for Patient Engagement

HotHealth comes with a range of engagement tools such as video conferencing or online booking that actively connects providers with their patients, their communities, and empowers patients to be proactive when managing their own health and wellbeing. Perfect for providing continued patient care in a world impacted by Covid-19.

Backed by Australia’s Premier Solution

The fastest growing EMR software in Victorian Community Health

An all in one Client
Management System

  • Appointment and resource booking
  • Team rosters and calendars
  • Case management features
  • Billing and online claiming
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Team based customisation
  • Role based permissions

With built in GP and
Mental Health Modules

  • Mental health assessment tools
  • Mental state and risk examinations
  • Diagnosis and prescription modules
  • Visit notes and management plans
  • Medications module with MIMS
  • Client drug alerts

And Extensive Government
Reporting Features

  • Capable of reporting to over 20 Government Funded Programs across Australia
  • Data capture, storage and analytical features
  • NDIS, HACC, CHSP, PMHC and more
  • National and State AOD reporting

Implemented by headspace centre’s across Australia

From Fremantle to Hobart, Cairns, Melbourne and everywhere in-between.


adopt our range of solutions today

Capable of integrating with our EMR platforms

Or as stand alone deployments

Enjoy the benefit of streamlined processes and connected client health records across your service settings with a fully customisable system that can be catered specifically for your centre.