An Electronic Medical Record for Multi-Speciality Models of Care

MasterCare EMR is a comprehensive, team based approach to client management which has proven to be the perfect fit for multi-speciality models of care.

The incredibly flexible solution is designed to be configured specifically for your organisation. Focused on management plans and outcome measures to support a collaborative effort between healthcare providers and their clients to improve health outcomes.

MasterCare EMR Package Features

Scalable Architecture

Supports multiple specialities in every setting.

Practice Management System

Supports multiple specialities in every setting.

Online registration for your clients to complete before they attend their first appointment.

Team-based management for a variety of services, programs, assessments and episode types.

Comprehensive client management with configurable templates and assessments.

A range of clinical features including configuration with MIMS, management and care plans, visit and progress notes, patient timelines, observations and measurements, occasions of service, letter writer, and family history tracker.

Advanced Data Analytics

Data capture and reporting is valuable to draw insights and helps track your progress. Capture data throughout your services so that you can seamlessly pool reports for your episodes of care and outcomes.

Supports many types of data reporting for internal operational and financial purposes, and for external statutory reporting to governing bodies.

Provides the ultimate tool used for management reporting and operational insights. Data warehousing allows you to meet all your reporting needs and gives you the accessibility to collate and analyse your centre’s data for timely insights.

MasterCare Dedicated Support

A dedicated support team is available from Monday to Friday to help you make the most of your product.

Used in

The Enterprise solution with a strong integration pedigree, MasterCare EMR works across both inpatient and community services whilst providing functionality for multiple disciplines and programs.

An intuitive and market leading system, it possesses high user uptake and represents the best risk-averse system on the market. MasterCare EMR allows the easy capture and reporting of data for several programs, including NDIS, VINAH, PMHC and more.

MasterCare EMR brings client management into an innovative era with a focus of efficiency, accuracy and interoperability.

A team based client-centric record that supports multiple programs. MasterCare EMR allows for customised program support across minimum data sets, streamlined data activity collection and out of the box support for over 25 common federal and state funded programs.

It possesses enterprise scheduling, rostering and billing systems designed to enhance the workflow functionality of multi-program / multi-site community health providers.

Pair this product with Data Warehouse to achieve an unparalleled level of reporting and analytics throughout your organisation.

With the promotion of efficiency in clinical practice forming the core concept behind MasterCare EMR, users gain access to a full practice management suite including scheduling, rosters, reporting and billing.

The client communication suite with SMS and email integration, coupled with clinician-friendly assessment tools, provides a system that enhances workflow, quality and productivity of its users.

Providing a Singular Client Record for Continuity of Care



2-way SMS helps automate reminders, recalls and confirmations. An affordable pay-per-message price means your organisation only pays for messages sent.

Data Warehouse is the ultimate reporting add-on. Allowing you to view and analyse your data, clients and demographics like never before.

Altitude allows you to access your EMR anytime, anywhere. Data is maintained and backed-up at a protected ISO accredited Australian data centre.

Customised forms to suit your needs for services such as mental health, alcohol and other drugs, or any other non-communicable disease management.