MasterCare Data Warehouse

MasterCare Data Warehouse is the ultimate slice and dice reporting and analysis tool. With endless customisation and insights, Data Warehouse allows you to discover a view of your reporting, community outcomes and deliverable measures like never before.


Getting a clear and detailed overview of your business has never been more important.

As funding models change and reporting becomes a key component of your business, Global Health’s Data Warehouse is a simple to set up database that works in conjunction with multiple platforms to give snapshots or detailed periodic reporting.

Outcomes based reporting has never been simpler or easier with the Data Warehouse.

It allows you to monitor and analyse your areas of need, referrals, clinical outcomes and services using multi-dimensional information.

With the power of MasterCare Data Warehouse, you will be able to grasp a deeper understanding of your organisation and clients like never before. 

As Outcomes become paramount, Data Warehouse provides the perfect tool to analyse, dissect and slice.