Data warehouse

Data warehouse has been replaced by our Dashboard as a Service product.

Seeing is believing

MasterCare EMR has integrated Tableau’s business intelligence tool to help organisations view and understand everyday data the smart way. Reporting and analytics are made easy with this visually pleasing dashboard, removing the need for time-consuming spreadsheets, exports and hard to read data.

Enjoy easy analysis in seconds with ready-made customised dashboard, installed for you by the MasterCare team. The dashboards can be shared and viewed by you and your team for a better perspective and deeper understanding of business operations.


Easy Reporting

Find what you need and present it visually

Live Dashboard

Stay on top of your data with daily updates

Mobile friendly

Accessible from a desktop, tablet or phone


Store your data securely in the cloud

MasterCare: Dashboards as a Service - iPad

About Tableau

The only business intelligence tool that turns your data into insights that drive action. Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data.