Data analytics

Unlock the smart way to view and understand your MasterCare data with Dashboards-as-a-Service

Dashboards as a Service is the integration of Tableau Software with MasterCare’s Data Warehouse. Remove the need for spreadsheets, exports and time-consuming analysis when you upgrade to smarter and faster data analytics for internal and external reporting.

Unlock insights that drive innovation

With MasterCare’s Dashboards-as-a-service integration

Smarter data

Faster insights with auto updated and nightly data refreshing capabilities

Safely stored in our
data warehouse

Stored in the MasterCare data warehouse backed by Macquarie Cloud Services

Perfect for data
driven executives

Unlock internal and external reporting insights on the go with our web based platform

When you integrate Dashboards-as-a-Service

Access pre-made dashboards

Access pre-made dashboards created by the MasterCare team or customise your own views of data

Safely store your data

Safely store your data within our cloud hosting solution for added security

View your trends on-the-go

Access your data on smartphone or tablet devices with the Tableau application.

Why upgrade to DaaS?

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See your data in action with Dashboards-as-a-Service

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