MasterCare Connect

Provide clinical care offline or on-the-go with our mobile EMR application

Access clinical and admin tools on your mobile

Work offline without an internet connection

Save and upload your data to MasterCare EMR

Enable offline client management

MasterCare Connect allows clinical professionals to access key client information and documentation tools as they travel to care for patients on the road, in outreach settings, or in-between appointments in the clinic.

Appointment Diary

Access and update scheduled appointments, statuses, notes, service items, resources and rounds.

Clinical Care

Review patient health summaries including alerts, diagnosis, medications and care teams.

Clinical Documentation

Capture and upload clinical images, notes, tags and occasions of service for different Minimum Data Sets.

Offline & Remote Access

Setup login PIN’s and offline periods to download new information and purge existing data when required.

Stay secure when offline

Database Security

All communication to and from the app is secured using TLS protocol, and sensitive data sent through cellular or WiFi connection is fully encrypted.

User Security

Only authorised MasterCare EMR users can access and login via the Connect mobile application with their existing login credentials or new PIN.

Data Encryption

When working offline, all data is securely stored on the mobile device in an encrypted form and is not accessible from outside the application.

Plus more on the way…

MasterCare Connect is working to include outcome measures, care plans, additional Minimum Data Set funding requirements, greater documentation plans, and more secure ways of connecting.

MasterCare Connect

Connect your integrated health practice with our mobile application.
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