Client Management

Support multi-specialty models of care with a team based electronic client management solution that is scalable across your community health network.

Government Funding

Get the funding you deserve with full data reporting and compliance for NDIS, HACC, CHSP, VINAH, AOD and even more.

Data Analytics

Record, maintain, analyse and combine your community health data with our database that tracks data across over 500,000 clients per year.



Slow and inefficient paper based processes


Poor access to client records at point of care


Inefficient client workflow processes


Slow client payment and invoicing processes


Poor data recording for analysis of staff performance


Missing connectivity with client digital health records


Lack of integration with existing organisational systems


Difficulty meeting Government data reporting requirements


Supporting healthcare providers across Australia from executives, to administrators, clinicians and patients.

of Service


Maximise your government funding eligibility by reporting to over 20 different government funded programs with MasterCare.

Report to the NDIS, AOD, HACC, CHSP, PMHC, NOCC, VINAH, PIR and CH programs.

Comply with new data requirements as they emerge with regular software updates.

Have more time to focus on what really matters! Find out more about the range of features included in our MasterCare solution.


MasterCare EMR

Our comprehensive, team based approach to client management with 15 years of experience in supporting multi-specialty models of care.

At its core, MasterCare EMR is a complete client management solution, designed for flexibility and stacked with features designed to save time and improve processes for clinicians and administrators. Including

  • Appointment booking, calendars, rosters and case management features.
  • Billing, online claiming, and comprehensive reporting features.
  • Highly customisable team and role based security for multi-locational teams.

MasterCare EMR comes with a range of built in features for recording client information accurately and efficiently. Features include:

  • Diagnosis, prescriptions, drug alerts, allergies, visit notes and management plans.
  • Easily capture data relating to over 50 configurable Minimum Data Sets.
  • Internal operational reporting and external statutory reporting features.

MasterCare EMR has been supporting clinicians with the assessment and treatment of mental health issues for over 15 years through the MHAGIC platform. Now built into MasterCare EMR, this program comes with a range of features that include:

  • Assessment wizards for easy to use, in-depth, point and click analysis of client symptoms
  • Mental state examinations for accurate diagnosis of patient symptoms
  • Built in risk assessment tools for assessing severity and risk to self
  • Occasions of service for ongoing treatment past the point of care


Our modular, web based solution that supports healthcare practitioners and organisations in transforming their processes and services through a fully digitised program

MasterCare+ is our most portable solution, stacked with a range of modules that can be accessed on any device thanks to it’s web based functionality, making it the perfect fit for Allied Health workers. Features include:

  • A built in practice management solution, with rostering and appointment booking, client dashboards, billing and receipting, and online medicare claims.
  • Clinical management tools with custom template documents, mental health tools, unlimited document storage, and direct upload capabilities with MyHealthRecord.
  • Improved patient engagement with secure messaging and 2-way SMS capabilities.

MasterCare+ comes with a range of packages that each have their own base and additional modules. Pick and choose the right features for your service requirements with our flexible packages. Including:

  • Allied Health: key practice management solutions for small to medium practices.
  • Discharge Summaries: allows hospitals to easily generate, send and store electronic discharge summaries.
  • Referral Management: a cost saving solution for inbound referrals and outbound communications.
  • Secure Messaging: for businesses without a clinical system but want to send, receive, and attach clinical documents to client records.
    • Clinicals: built with all the features required to safely prescribe medications for better patient outcomes.

Discover a range of additional features capable of taking your business online through the most extreme circumstances.

  • Video conferencing capabilities for TeleHealth with our HotHealth integration.
  • Online booking capabilities to improve client engagement and convenience.
  • Host user and group engagements to help empower your clients.
    • Speed up processes with Patient Portal’s information capturing capabilities.

MasterCare Dashboards-as-a-Service

Safely store all your MasterCare data in our secure Data Warehouse and enjoy the benefits of improved data reporting with customisable data analytics and pre-designed dashboards for your convenience.

Improve your data reporting processes for both internal reports for your executive team, and to the range of government funding outlets.

  • Enjoy faster data analytics that are accessible anytime, anywhere from your laptop to your mobile.
  • Combine multiple views of data to gain richer insights into the everyday operations of your organisation.
  • Unlock trends and answers as they occur with nightly data refreshing.

All data is stored in our Data Warehouse via secure FTP processes and supported by our Altitude Cloud hosting service, maintaining, managing and backing-up data from an ISO accredited data center located here in Australia.

  • Safely store your MasterCare data in our Altitude Cloud.
  • Combine your enterprise data with other organisations to see greater insights of your industry.
  • Gain access to your data anytime, anywhere thanks to our cloud hosted solution.

Create your own stunning data visualisations, or view a set of pre-made dashboards designed by the MasterCare team, and discover the power Tableau can have on your data.

  • Discover your own visualisations with training guides and help from our team.
  • View live pre-made dashboards with nightly data refreshing.
  • Turn your data into insights that drive action with our Tableau integration.

ReferralNet Secure Messaging

Securely exchange electronic referrals and clinical communications direct from your MasterCare solution via ReferralNet.

ReferralNet allows for the exchange of secure messaging directly from your MasterCare solution. Send:

  • Electronic referrals
  • Discharge summaries
  • Diagnostic orders and results
  • Specialist and allied health letters

All through our confidential and secure messaging service.

Save time and money with ReferralNet by taking your referral and messaging delivery online. Eliminate the need for:

  • Manual filing of client records
  • Scanning and faxing of referrals
  • The manual upload of referrals into your clinical system

Enjoy the benefits of a secure, electronic messaging solution:

  • Easily integrated with pre-existing or MasterCare clinical systems
  • Compliant with SMD Australian e-health standards
  • Save time with a real time, built in interactive address book
  • Track notifications and referral numbers for easy reporting
  • Improved connectivity with a solution that is interoperable with Argus


Join the growing list of organisations who have successfully implemented the premier solution for Australian Community Health


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Katy Gallagher
ACT Health Minister

“The results for Mental Health ACT are particularly pleasing as the Outstanding Achievement rating for its electronic health record – MHAGIC – recognises that it is now an industry leader. The assessors were impressed with Mental Health ACT’s recovery model and found it to be a superior service with enthusiastic and visionary senior management and excellent systems in place to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers, staff and visitors”

Deb Lee
Adelaide Primary Health Network
Chief Executive Officer

“We have found MasterCare contains everything that we need to ensure that we are able to capture all of our client data accurately. Our large team of clinicians find MasterCare easy to use and operate. Global Health have ensured that any modifications that we need to reflect changing reporting requirements are implemented seamlessly. As our suite of programs grows and our requirements for additional data accordingly, we have been very happy with the way we can integrate all of our client and program information into Mastercare EMR.”

Scott Johnston
Curious Minds Psychology Clinic

“Since deciding to use MasterCare in my practice I have received amazing support from my account manager. I can rest easy knowing that if an issue arises, it is dealt with promptly and any issues are communicated to me in an easy to understand way, and options are provided if possible. I opted to set MasterCare up as a cloud based platform as it allows me the flexibility of seeing clients offsite, yet still being able to fully access everything I need. I can take my practice anywhere. The cloud based option has also saved me investing in hardware that can be expensive to maintain and expand. MasterCare allows me to easily manage my client’s clinical and billing needs, providing my practice with a user friendly and secure interface that will grow with my practice.”

Gregory Sam
Conduit Health Tele-Psychiatry

“I have found the MasterCare EMR system meets every need of my new practice and startup telepsychiatry company. I am very pleased with the functionality and complete package that MasterCare offers, making everything efficient and easy to use. In particular, the scheduling and billing modules of MasterCare make the running of my business efficient and easy. I also like how multiple users can enter data and have access to patient notes very easily. This also is very useful for data auditing purposes, as well as quick and easy access to information for potential research purposes.”

Gregory Sam
Conduit Health Tele-Psychiatry

“I am extremely happy with the level of service provided to me from Global Health. Staff have been very friendly, available, and very helpful in troubleshooting and solving any issues which arise. They have taken the time to explain issues to me, and also work through any troubleshooting necessary. I can’t recommend Global Health and MasterCare highly enough for mental health practices, startup psychiatry or medical practices, and other applicable settings.”