Are you looking for a simpler way to manage your community and mental health services?

MasterCare EMR and MasterCare+

for mental health and referral management
Ideally suited for Community Health settings

MasterCare enables you to design and develop new programs within the solution framework. This can include new minimum data sets, outcome collection, encounter collection and reporting to funding bodies.

MasterCare+ enhances communication across departments, as timely and complete access to client information is an important driver for PHN contracted service providers.

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Community and Mental Health Solutions

Digital Referral Management and patient centred records for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol services is a key enabler for improving client experience and outcomes, as well as business efficiency in public Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol services.

MasterCare EMR provides a single, multi-disciplinary patient record across multiple services and settings, especially in mental health. It helps to capture and share meaningful and reportable data seamlessly across services and departments. Executives and Managers can expect simple, graphical and flexible insights into their mental health services and client-base through dedicated reports and dashboards.

Digital referral management solutions allow service providers to manage inbound referrals and outgoing correspondence electronically via secure message delivery. MasterCare+ provides an innovative, streamlined and web-based solution for secure referral management in an enterprise setting. The enterprise solution supports healthcare organisations in digitising their referral workflow and intake process.

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Team-based care

Manage your clients’ records effectively with team-based care.

MasterCare EMR helps providers across multiple specialities to provide clients with support across community and mental health services. Sharing information across a team is key to tracking and ensuring best quality care is provided. The client centric record is incredibly flexible and can be configured to support multiple programs. The streamlined data activity collection supports the collection of over 25 minimum data sets that are common across Federal and State funded programs.

A single client record

A single client record across all of your programs and services.

A single client record allows Community Health Centres to see a holistic view of all services received by clients and determine the best steps towards improving client outcomes. MasterCare EMR provides an intuitive team-based approach to client management. Community Health Centres find this care team approach is the best way to track services provided to each client. The services of care are easily logged into each client’s record.

Digital health solutions

Global Health is the single point of contact for your client and referral management needs.

Global Health is a trusted Australian company that is dedicated to providing digital solutions for the Healthcare industry. Global Health offers a suite of digital solutions for the health and wellbeing industries, offering several solutions for improving the health and wellbeing for all communities across Australia. Global Health’s MasterCare provides the most comprehensive solutions to Community Health and Mental Health providers.

Data Reporting and Analysis

Generate outcome based reports from client and service records.

With a strong reporting pedigree and scalable architecture, MasterCare EMR is the perfect platform to track and report on your services. The record management platform is deployed across multiple specialties in every healthcare setting. Using the Data Warehouse helps to collate large volumes of business and clinical data. Analysing this data enables healthcare executives to gain timely insights into their healthcare operations.