Altitude Cloud Hosting

Altitude Cloud Hosting

Altitude is our Cloud Hosting Service and is integrated with all our MasterCare software solutions. Data hosted with Altitude is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected Tier 1 data centre in Australia, while also remaining accessible whenever and wherever needed.

Choose to host any of our solutions or non-MasterCare solutions on the cloud and gain access to a wide variety of benefits.

Protect your organisation and client’s data

Did you know if you have a breach of security, or your client data has been compromised, it is compulsory for you to report it to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner?

Retain your client’s trust by protecting their data from hacking, ransomware and other cyber attacks by hosting your software with our managed Cloud hosting service.

Learn more about ransomware:

Cloud solutions for all of your healthcare IT needs

Your MasterCare software is hosted for you to access anywhere at any time.


A full database backup is available on a 35-day rotation, this includes your application servers and databases.


Now you can have a backup plan. Disaster Recovery measures include rerouting across primary and secondary databases. This is an additional option and can be added to your cloud hosting service.


The secure environment is maintained in local data centres with multiple accreditations so that critical data is well maintained.


Your medical software programs are configured by ownership, size and access across your networks from your choice of private or public cloud infrastructure.


Your cloud service is fully managed; your software will always be up-to-date. You won’t need to monitor your local hardware renewal and system upgrades (your operating system and SQL database server).

Your data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO accredited datacentre in Australia, while also remaining accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

If you are a new customer looking for a Cloud hosted MasterCare solution or an existing customer looking to move from an on-premise deployment to a cloud hosted solution please contact us here