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Start your digital health journey today

Adelaide PHN sponsors MasterCare+ for South Australian Allied Health Professionals.

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MasterCare+ for Allied Health

MasterCare+ has a range of features to support Allied Health professionals in the uptake of digital health initiatives.

MasterCare+ gives you the ability to electronically store and access client details and notes, manage your appointments with rostering and 2-way SMS, bill clients via Medicare, manage your referrals, send and receive correspondence from other healthcare providers via Secure Messaging and upload information to a client’s My Health Record.

You can access MasterCare+ on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

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Ready to get started?

Firstly, please make contact with the Digital Health team at the APHN to start applying for your Nash Certificate.

Once you have done so, the easiest way to start MasterCare+ is to sign up online using the code: DQ7J974ZM9AA

This will give you access to the MasterCare+ platform for 6 months. Please note, the sponsorship covers the base cost of the subscription only. Any SMS reminders you send or any extra secure messages that you exchange will be an additional charge. If you have questions you can contact our team to find out more.

The sponsorship covers the following modules and features in MasterCare+: electronic record management, client details, templates, appointments, rostering, Medicare claiming, ReferralNet secure messaging and My Health Record uploads.

To see prices for SMS and additional Secure Messages please see the pricing page.

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About the partnership

Adelaide PHN is sponsoring MasterCare+ in South Australian allied health organisations for 6 months.

Ongoing costs of MasterCare+ for Allied Health are outlined on the pricing page and can be seen in the shopping cart.