About MasterCare

Software solutions for Australian health service providers

MasterCare: About Us

About us

Our MasterCare solutions have a trusted name in Australian digital healthcare.

We work with providers, communities and consumers to enhance connectivity through innovative solutions that support clinical, business and operational needs. Our aim is to replace legacy processes with efficient digital solutions to enhance the business workflow and drive better patient outcomes. Keep reading to learn more about MasterCare software.

MasterCare is part of Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH), an Australian public-listed company, and one of Australia’s longest established and most experienced developers of software applications for the healthcare industry.

Who we are

MasterCare is a suite of software solutions used in a variety of healthcare settings such as community health organisations focused on the management of non-communicable disease (NCD), private and public practitioners in allied health, general practice, specialist clinics and hospitals. Our MasterCare EMR is Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary client management solution, currently used by over 7,000 clinicians Australia-wide, including state and federally funded providers and programs.

What we do

We give healthcare delivery organisations the ability to enhance patient care, reduce administrative tasks, securely share patient information, reduce health risks, streamline workflows and record comprehensive patient information. Our software and services are designed to ensure that healthcare providers not only see improved clinical outcomes, but also greater businesses efficiencies. We work hard to provide the required features that benefit providers of all sizes; from state-wide rollouts to solo practitioners.

Why we do it

We believe in the quality of our products and the quality of our working relationships and collaborative efforts. MasterCare gives organisations of all sizes the ability to take their services digital and improve business processes and patient outcomes. We strive to build relationships with our partners where you get to know us and we get to know you, as we pursue the best possible outcomes.

MasterCare: Statistics

The next generation of MasterCare solutions

MasterCare+ maximises mobility and user experience that results in better patient outcomes.

This solution can be deployed alongside our other MasterCare solutions to give users on the go a light-weight interface to manage their clinical and practice operations.

The leading multi-disciplinary client management solution

Each year it is estimated that over 500,000 clients are managed with MasterCare EMR by clinicians.

Currently used by over 7,000 clinicians Australia-wide, including state and federally funded providers and programs.

A single solution for hospitals

MasterCare PAS enables a streamlined digital journey for each patient in hospitals of any size or complexity.

MasterCare PAS led solutions are used in a variety of overnight, rehabilitation and day hospitals across Australia.