A Look Into MasterCare’s v7.9.3 Update


The team at Global Health are constantly making changes to improve the functionality and appearance of the MasterCare system, providing regular updates available for all our MasterCare users.

Since the introduction of v7.9.2 back in October, our team has been working behind the scenes on our latest update which will see the MasterCare system host a range of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, all coming soon.

So let’s take a look at what’s in store!



Version 7.9.3 will see a range of new features coming to the Medications, Occasions of Service, Episode Budgets, Next of Kin, and National Disability Insurance Scheme modules.


  • Integration with the National Data Exchange (NDE) to do pre-checks at the point of subscribing.
  • Improved compliance with SafeScript in Victoria.

Occasions of Service

  • Changes to Episode Select from the Occasions of Service screen.
  • Ability to add an event to a closed episode.

Episode Budgets, Fee Schedules and Service Items

  • Invoices linked to an episode budget will have the Payer in the invoice default to the payer identified in the episode budget.
  • Administrators can now have multiple prices for a service item (fee schedules).
  • While invoicing a user you can select which schedule to derive an items fee from.
  • A default fee schedule can be selected for use in an episode budget. Any invoices linked to this budget will use this schedule as a default.
  • A clients Income status will determine a default schedule for use when invoicing a client.
  • A cancellation schedule has been included so that a standard price can be charged where there is a cancellation.

Next of Kin (NOK)

  • When adding a NOK to a client, users can now search the MasterCare Client database and link the NOK entry to another client record.
  • When a COK is linked to a client record the details of the NOK will remain in sync with that client record.


  • New NDIS Billing and Claiming Reports to manage claims, submissions and remittance for NDIS Bulk extract claims.
  • Occasions of Service outcomes can now be allocated an “NDIS Claim type”.
  • This NDIS Claim type will be reported from the Occasions of Service Outcome as part of the bulk NDIS claim extract where the Service Item invoiced is linked to an Occasion of Service.



  • Enhancements to ReferralNet integration and Online address-book look-up
  • Changes to VADC module to support changes that came into effect on July 1
  • Changes for improved implementation of PMHC extract version 2
  • Added “discharge date” to the “Episodes.csv” import file
  • Merged DEX improvements into a single version of the DEX extract tool
  • Improvement to DEX extract to support additional programs
  • Added “treat-as-if” validation to additional reports in PMS
  • Ward-view on the Staff Dashboard can now display up to 7 wards (was 3)
  • Updated PMHC Extract tool to extract data from new database tables for Service Contacts and Episode Dashboard
  • Changes to storage or recurring appointments in database
  • Enhancements to ICD-10 and ICPC2+ tabs
  • Email information can now be stored in Staff Details
  • Client mobile and email are now separate fields in Client Contact details
  • Added export to excel feature to SMS report
  • Added “favourites” function for reported medications
  • Added a new ‘NDIS No:’ number field in the Health Care Cards’ tab
  • Changes to care plan templates
  • Opening hours can now be configured at a team level
  • Expansions to supported fields in the MasterCare bulk import templates
  • ACSO Identifier now ensures there are 7 digits in extracted value
  • Enhancements to VINAH module to support multi-campus in a single instance of MasterCare
  • Enabled ability for users to be identified as “external”
  • Users can now budget service items at a category level in an episode budget
  • When copying and pasting an appointment, user will now be warned if the resource is unavailable in the new time-slot



  • SMS services now ignore emoji’s when processing replies from the client.
  • Fixes to the VINAH extract tool
  • Fixed issues when changing the status of a referral in admission and Episode screens
  • Extract of country of birth was missing from VINAH extracts for first contact
  • Extended length of security token validity to 20 seconds when launching the PMS
  • Changes to country of birth extractions to meet the 4 digit formatting required by VINAH upload
  • Changes to method of saving clinical documents to prevent Clinical Documents from saving with the incorrect ‘type’
  • Fixed pop-up errors when invoicing from the Groups module
  • Referrals screen loads reference data based on the Referral’s “For” team
  • Fixes to issues when completing NDIS extracts
  • Fixes to PMS which wasn’t displaying the Deleted and Expired flags
  • Fixed issues to Client Merge tool
  • Client genograms now print correctly
  • Fixed to issues with SMS appointment reminders for recurring appointments
  • Fixes to History Tab data grid which now displays filtering options