5 Benefits of Quality Referral Management

Referral management is an integral part of any practice and can significantly impact how patients perceive your service quality. Here, we highlight five key benefits you will see as a result of implementing a quality referral management solution.


   1.   Improve Overall Patient Care and Experience

A need for a referral can mean a significant change within a patient’s care journey. When there is a need for an escalation in care or change in diagnosis, a referral may be appropriate to discover more information.

When implementing a referral management solution, your patients should be at the forefront of your mind. The referral process is often long-winded; consequently, patients often get lost in the process.

Implementing a referral management solution can ensure you track where your patients are in the process and keep your patients informed, so you don’t lose them from easily avoidable issues.

Set yourself engagement points to check in with patients to follow up and ensure the process is proceeding as intended. Whilst this ensures you can check in on the patient’s progress, it also builds rapport and credibility. Quality communication results in return patients, positive word of mouth and higher completion rates.


   2.   Reduced Manual Processing

Introducing a quality referral management system within your practice can reduce a range of operational inefficiencies. By going digital and having faster workflows, there is no need to perform some routine administrative tasks.

The best referral management systems allow you to create templates for common referrals. Using templates reduces the need to re-enter large portions of generic information, therefore, shortening the time spent on any given referral. Leveraging templates allows you to focus on your patient’s important information, which will be relevant to the next practitioner.


   3.   Reduced Costs

Implementing a system that allows for more organised and timely workflows reduces costs across the business. With no need for paper, there is immediate cost-cutting on resources. A referral management software application also reduces excessive time spent on administration tasks including, transcribing, re-keying and manually triaging referrals. This can lead to staff being more efficient with the time they have.

As a result of there being fewer administrative tasks per patient, patient turnaround can be made quicker. Using your appointment and administration time more effectively, you can treat more patients. Engaging with your patients and having them follow the referral process promptly can also reduce revenue leakage.


   4.   More Efficient Workflows

Implementing a quality referral management solution makes some day-to-day tasks automated. Having set workflows allows for better communication, completion and consistency.

Having processes in place, such as the triage dashboard included in MasterCare+, allows practitioners to see the entirety of a patient’s referral. Determining what stage of treatment a patient is in is essential to ensure your patient receives the best possible care. Receiving live updates about referrals both sent and received is key to coordinating with other practitioners and ensuring you have completed the necessary steps.


   5.   Streamlined Communication

A referral management system should make communication with other practitioners and patients more straightforward and more effective. By completing status checks throughout a patient’s journey, you ensure they have made the necessary arrangements to see the specialist and are progressing through the steps.

Electronic referral management systems can ensure a faster turnaround by eliminating the paper component. With live updates, other practitioners can see when action has been taken and follow up accordingly.


MasterCare+ offers a connected solution for clinicians to treat and assist patients throughout their care journey. MasterCare’s MasterCare+ for Referral Management solution is fully digital and ready to help you and your organisation provide the best and most efficient care to your patients. Implementing quality referral management allows you to streamline workflows and communications while providing your patients with the best care possible.

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