3 Reasons Why You Need a System That Can Safely Share Discharge Summaries with a Wider Care Team In 2021

In the modern-day health system of digital client records and electronic secure messaging systems, discharge summaries are becoming crucial for the ongoing delivery of health services post an inpatient hospital visit.

Discharge summaries provide a way to transfer the patient information recorded during an inpatient hospital stay to other patient-care team members. Ensuring the accuracy of patient information is a pivotal part of improving the quality of care and patient safety provided in additional settings.

With a system-wide transition to electronic discharge summaries, and pressure from the Federal Government, here are three reasons why hospitals need a system that can safely share discharge summaries with a broader care team in 2022.

1. Continuity of Care ~ Benefits to your patients

The transfer of information regarding a patient’s visit to the hospital to additional health providers like general practitioners is critical in ensuring continuous delivery of care throughout a patient’s journey.

Although beneficial, discharge summaries do carry significant unforeseen risks should the information contained within them be incorrect.

“49% of all patients discharged from hospitals within Australia experience at least one adverse event in their continued care due to incorrect information contained in their discharge summary.” – RACGP

Ensuring your hospital has software capable of creating accurate discharge summaries can’t be understated. Correct information will mean improved patient health outcomes, reduced risk to adverse reactions and smoother transitions to additional treatments.

Features to look for:

  • Software that can sync with your existing Patient Administration System (PAS)
  • Software that utilises secure messaging delivery practices

2. Efficiency in Operations ~ Benefits to your hospital

Maintaining a high level of efficiency in operations is an essential requirement for the modern-day hospital, particularly in times of increased demand.

That’s why it is crucial that your software compliments your existing processes, maintains accuracy of information, and is flexible enough to adapt to the changing requirements of the modern health organisation. Your system should overcome your challenges, not be part of the problem.

“Research indicates that adverse effects as a result of discharge summary errors can include emergency department readmissions, disability or even death.” – RACGP

Ensuring your software accurately and safely shares electronic discharge summaries will not only improve the speed of information but will also reduce the likelihood of patients returning to your hospital for additional treatment.

Features to look for:

  • Software with flexible modules that cater for your existing system
  • Software with web-based features for access where needed care

3. MyHealthRecord

The Government’s journey towards a digitised health network has already seen the introduction of MyHealthRecord and now the requirement for uploading discharge summaries to MyHealthRecord for hospitals across Australia.

“91% of public hospitals and 67% of private hospitals are already using the MyHealthRecord system” as the Government pushes for wider adoption of digital practices. – ADHA

The industry has seen numerous initiatives that aim to slow the rate of hospital readmissions and treat chronic illness in Australia. Discharge summaries are one strategy that the Australian Government is promoting to assist. That’s why it is critical to ensure your hospital software can not only upload to MyHealthRecord but is also flexible enough to cater for future changes to requirements.

Features to look for:

  • MyHealthRecord upload capabilities
  • Flexible modules and reporting capabilities


MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries

One solution for the introduction of MyHealthRecord requirements is MasterCare+ for Discharge Summaries.

The web-based patient record platform can integrate with existing PAS systems, generate accurate discharge summaries through FHIR sync functionality, ensure efficiency with pre-made custom templates, and upload directly to MyHealthRecord.

MasterCare+ allows for the continuity of care with no loss to confidential patient information with the added safety of built-in secure messaging capabilities through the ReferralNet network and a user-friendly UI that works on smartphone or tablet devices.

MasterCare is currently taking expressions of interest in MasterCare+ for discharge summaries. If your hospital is interested in finding out more, seeing a demo, or simply being updated over the next few months.

Spots will fill up fast for implementation in 2022, so please reach out if you want to know more.