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Case Study – Wesley Mission Hospital Implement MasterCare PAS

Wesley Mission Hospital

Wesley Mission hospital’s move forward with MasterCare PAS and online claiming


Wesley Mission provides support to people in the community who are vulnerable and marginalised. This consists of centres across New South Wales with 2,000 staff and over 3,000 volunteers.

The programs cover child and family services, aged care, community services, homeless person services, disability services, employment services, youth services, research and advocacy, suicide prevention, health services, counselling services, camping and conference centres.

Wesley Hospital Kogarah, has 30 beds and Wesley Hospital Ashfield, with 38 beds provide acute psychiatric care and average about 76 monthly admissions. Both hospitals provide a range of in-patient and day patient services.


Time to scale up

Both Wesley Hospitals have been using Matash’s Hoscare system for a number of years but it lacked key online functionalities. Wesley had outgrown the system and needed more functionality. They wanted online claiming and billing that wasn’t available with Hoscare.

“We thought changing PAS was going to be a huge task so we wanted to make sure we chose a system that would suit our long-term strategy. This is why we decided to put the project out to tender.”

Adam Gross, Business and Administration Manager, Wesley Mission



“Global Health was one of three software vendors short-listed. In the end, we chose Global Health because they are an established company that has been successfully providing software to hospitals for 20 years. Their patient administration system MasterCare PAS was the best product to support our strategy for e-health adoption, and they have an experienced implementation team to work on the project.”

“The Global Health team converted all our PMI and episode data from our legacy system to MasterCare PAS. The implementation on process was simple and only took three days to golive while super user training was provided on-site”

“The transition on from our old PAS to MasterCare PAS has been very smooth thanks to the Global Health team, who were very organised and thorough from planning up to going live. We can already see the impact of using MasterCare PAS and online claiming. Our ability to now lodge claims electronically with private health funds and DVA streamlines and cuts processing time for us. We’ve been extremely happy with the process!”

Adam Gross, Business and Administration Manager, Wesley Mission


The Benefits

Adam says: “With the old system, when checking a patient’s eligibility for a claim, we had to pick up the phone and call the health fund or go to the health fund website to perform a Patient Eligibility Check. Now we can do online eligibility checking (OEC) within MasterCare PAS. With the click of a button an OEC report is generated in a matter of seconds.

“This is extremely beneficial and it not only makes the claiming and payment process more efficient, but it also records each claim for our records, saving us from doing it manually.

“The ERA (ECLIPSE Remittance Advice) allows us to receive electronic remittance advice from private health funds, which reconciliation of accounts is now quicker and more accurate.

“Overall, we’re reducing the errors and costs associated with manual processing of claims. We’re also reducing the time it takes to process claims which means shorter payment times that then translates to improved cash flow”

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MasterCare PAS (Patient Administration System) is a solution for automating administrative operations in hospitals and day surgeries. It simplifies communication to create a seamless flow of information from the time the patient presents at reception, to the time the patient is discharged.