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Case Study – South West Healthcare Implement MasterCare for their Mental Health Services

South West Healthcare Mental Health Services improves patient care by going paperless

A tailored solution for Victorian Area Mental Health Services

“The only ready-to-go EMR solution for Victorian Area Mental Health Services.”

“…the improved access has significantly improved risk management, reduced the time taken to complete comprehensive assessments and enhanced the quality and standardisation of consumer information”

Caroline Byrne, Director of Mental Health, South West Healthcare


South West HealthCare Mental Health Service (SWH MHS) services a community of 110,000 people and is located in south west Victoria, with a central base in Warrnambool. The region consists of the local government area of Warrnambool City and the Shires of Corangamite, Moyne, Glenelg and Southern Grampians.

SWH MHS was largely paper based in its delivery of mental health services to the community. After making a commitment to improve documentation standards and efficiencies, SWH MHS needed to improve the way it recorded, kept and managed client records. They were determined that increasingly complex documentation demands and existing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) would not suit the needs of a large, community based mental health service.

After researching its options, SWH MHS decided to procure Global Health’s MasterCare MHAGIC, widely regarded as Australia’s most comprehensive Mental Health EMR. They became the first Victorian Mental Health Service to adopt the software.

Global Health CEO Mathew Cherian commented “With the reputation and proven track record that MasterCare MHAGIC has in mental health we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with one of Victoria’s highest performing area mental health services.

“When we first met with Caroline Byrne, Director of Mental Health, and the management team at SWH MHS, they knew the value our solution would bring to their service and were determined to take advantage of what it offered.”


Fit for Purpose

Benefits to South West Healthcare Mental Health Service

Global Health wanted to ensure that SWH MHS had the best possible experience by proactively incorporating Victorian Mental Health statutory requirements into the solution. A significant investment was required to demonstrate commitment to Victorian Mental Health.

MasterCare MHAGIC added features including the Victorian Mental Health Screening Register, and interface with CMI, as well as a CMI dashboard. The inclusion of these modules means that the solution is the only ready-to-go EMR solution for Victorian Area Mental Health services. Over 100 forms, from admission check-lists to Mental Health Act forms, were also incorporated.

Director of Mental Health at South West Healthcare, Caroline Byrne says, “The Global Health team combined solution focussed amazing technical expertise with high level project management skills to deliver a tailor made mental health program in a responsive and supportive way.”

“The team were fantastic to work with, explaining complex technology in easy to understand terms and helping us understand our options.” MasterCare MHAGIC’s team-based solution has transformed the management of patients. Mental health professionals within SWH MHS have immediate access to patient information at any site and at any time.

Caroline says, “In combination with clever technology, the improved access has significantly improved risk management, reduced the time taken to complete comprehensive assessments and enhanced the quality and standardisation of consumer information. Staff have been freed from the burden of documentation to spend more time with consumers and their families.”

No pain and all gain

Implementation and working with SWH MHS

Global Health trained SWH MHS staff on the intricacies of MasterCare MHAGIC and utilised surveys to measure the success of these sessions, and how the system was being used. Using the survey results, training sessions were adjusted, to increase user knowledge, understanding and capability.

“Training and planned preparation reduced our ‘go live’ anxiety and helped us achieve a fairly pain free implementation. We really enjoyed the anti-climax of a smooth transition,” says Caroline.

Almost 80% of survey respondents were satisfied with the software, with feedback citing it helped to streamline patient care, fostered information sharing with the centralised system and reduced work while increasing accuracy.

The survey findings also revealed nearly 68% of respondents found the assessment wizards save them the most time, with outcome measures and letter writers also proving to be popular features. A staff member added “MasterCare is very user friendly and the educators were very helpful and informative, this is a great tool!”

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