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Case Study – Curious Minds Psychology Clinic Implements MasterCare EMR

Curious Minds Psychology Clinic


Scott Johnston from Curious Minds Psychology Clinic implemented MasterCare EMR in his clinic. MasterCare EMR provides a single, multi-disciplinary patient record across multiple services and settings, especially in mental health. It helps to capture and share meaningful and reportable data seamlessly across services and departments. Executives and Managers can expect simple, graphical and flexible insights into their mental health services and client-base through dedicated reports and dashboards.

Testimonial from Scott Johnston, Psychologist at Curious Minds Psychology Clinic

“As a sole practitioner Psychologist operating from my own practice, I wanted practice management software that was extremely versatile. I wanted to be able to record my clinical notes, collect outcomes, conduct assessments and allow for the billing of clients.”

MasterCare EMR set a high standard

“I had previously used MasterCare whilst consulting for a multi-disciplinary mental health facility comprising allied health professionals, general practitioners and psychiatrists, so I was interested in finding out how MasterCare could support me in my own private practice.”

Scalable Solutions

“I like the way MasterCare has the capacity to be tailored to meet my individual practice needs. Whilst I currently operate as a sole practitioner practice, I like the way that MasterCare can grow with me as I grow my practice to include other practitioners. I only need MasterCare and not an array of software and further expense, for the different parts of the practice such as billing and clinical notes.” 

Mental Health Software as a Service

“Since deciding to use MasterCare in my practice I have received amazing support from my account manager. I can rest easy knowing that if an issue arises, it is dealt with promptly and any issues are communicated to me in an easy to understand way, and options are provided if possible.”

“I opted to set MasterCare up as a cloud based platform as it allows me the flexibility of seeing clients offsite, yet still being able to fully access everything I need. I can take my practice anywhere. The cloud based option has also saved me investing in hardware that can be expensive to maintain and expand.”


“MasterCare allows me to easily manage my client’s clinical and billing needs, providing my practice with a user friendly and secure interface that will grow with my practice.”

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