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We are dedicated to providing healthcare organisations with the software solutions they need for practice management, electronic client records, reporting and more.

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MasterCare EMR

The market leading client management solution designed to allow its users to complete scalability and control of their clinical services. MasterCare EMR introduces unique concepts and product architecture that will support any mixture of programs, disciplines and roles which ultimately delivers a truly shared, team-based and client-centric record.

MasterCare Mhagic

Mhagic is a world class solution for Mental Health service, giving clinicians access to tools and assessments which create efficiency in the delivery of better patient outcomes. Designed by Mental Health practitioners, Mhagic is a module of MasterCare EMR that hands best practice to Mental Health clinicians and case managers.

MasterCare PAS

 A comprehensive system designed for administrative operations in hospital settings. MasterCare PAS is used across a variety of hospital settings, from private and public hospitals as well as rehabilitation centres, surgeries and outpatient clinics.


MasterCare+ is a truly modular solution that supports healthcare practitioners and organisations in digitising their services and processes. The web-based application is device agnostic, it has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for your staff to learn and use MasterCare+ every day. There are several different MasterCare+ packages available depending on your clinical or administrative setting.

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Katy Gallagher
ACT Health Minister

“The results for Mental Health ACT are particularly pleasing as the Outstanding Achievement rating for its electronic health record – MHAGIC – recognises that it is now an industry leader. The assessors were impressed with Mental Health ACT’s recovery model and found it to be a superior service with enthusiastic and visionary senior management and excellent systems in place to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers, staff and visitors”

Deb Lee
Adelaide Primary Health Network
Chief Executive Officer

“We have found MasterCare contains everything that we need to ensure that we are able to capture all of our client data accurately. Our large team of clinicians find MasterCare easy to use and operate. Global Health have ensured that any modifications that we need to reflect changing reporting requirements are implemented seamlessly. As our suite of programs grows and our requirements for additional data accordingly, we have been very happy with the way we can integrate all of our client and program information into Mastercare EMR.”

Scott Johnston
Curious Minds Psychology Clinic

“Since deciding to use MasterCare in my practice I have received amazing support from my account manager. I can rest easy knowing that if an issue arises, it is dealt with promptly and any issues are communicated to me in an easy to understand way, and options are provided if possible. I opted to set MasterCare up as a cloud based platform as it allows me the flexibility of seeing clients offsite, yet still being able to fully access everything I need. I can take my practice anywhere. The cloud based option has also saved me investing in hardware that can be expensive to maintain and expand. MasterCare allows me to easily manage my client’s clinical and billing needs, providing my practice with a user friendly and secure interface that will grow with my practice.”

Adam Goss
Business and Administration Manager
Wesley Mission Hospital

“The transition from our old PAS to MasterCare PAS has been very smooth thanks to the Global Health team, who was very organised and thorough from planning up to going live. We can already see the impact of using MasterCare PAS and online claiming. Our ability to now lodge claims electronically with private health funds and DVA streamlines and cuts processing time for us. We have been extremely happy with the process!”

Jason Trethowan
Western Victoria PHN
Chief Executive Officer

“Almost 100% of GPs have been set up to receive electronic correspondence from specialists and other providers. Our approach has been to work in the specialist rooms and assist them in their change process to send their letters via ReferralNet.”

Gregory Sam
Conduit Health Tele-Psychiatry

“I have found the MasterCare EMR system meets every need of my new practice and startup telepsychiatry company. I am very pleased with the functionality and complete package that MasterCare offers, making everything efficient and easy to use. In particular, the scheduling and billing modules of MasterCare make the running of my business efficient and easy. I also like how multiple users can enter data and have access to patient notes very easily. This also is very useful for data auditing purposes, as well as quick and easy access to information for potential research purposes.”

Gregory Sam
Conduit Health Tele-Psychiatry

“I am extremely happy with the level of service provided to me from Global Health. Staff have been very friendly, available, and very helpful in troubleshooting and solving any issues which arise. They have taken the time to explain issues to me, and also work through any troubleshooting necessary. I can’t recommend Global Health and MasterCare highly enough for mental health practices, startup psychiatry or medical practices, and other applicable settings.”

Stuart Tait
Family Care Medical Services
Chief Executive Officer

“Global Health’s ReferralNet was considered the best fit for compliance to NeHTA standards and as a bonus, the only vendor able to incorporate our rich content patient reports. The savings from our current fax delivery system will pay for the capital cost of the Global service within 12 months and thereafter the returns get even better.”

Pennant Hills Day Surgery
Administration Manager

“We took on Global Health’s PAS system at a very stressful time when we were relocating. We needed it to be easy to use, efficient and up-to-date, with room to move. We have found that to be the case, especially with the additions of a Patient Portal and SMS messaging. These additions have been a real time-saver and therefore, cost saver. The team have been very attentive to our needs and requirements, there has been nothing that they haven’t tried to accommodate for us. All the team are very easy to deal with and any requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently.”

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